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Catholic University Koch brothers gift draws protests

17 Dec
Catholic University Koch brothers gift draws protests |

Gratitude isn’t a Catholic virtue.

I used to date, briefly and casually, a “liberation theology” Jesuit who had some Georgetown University connection. He told me he was a Marxist and an atheist who was only in the Church to spread socialism. (He was tall and beautiful, in a vacant eyed Kennedy family way.). I think so many critics of the Kochs are fat ‘crats living off the tax serfs, and these 50 “academics” are the same type of dishonest hucksters for the ruling political class. They are happy to steal from tax serfs to fund junk science that flaks for expanded state power, overpaid worm tongued “professors” like Jonathan Gruber or Ezekial Ehmanual, the laughingstocks trying to tell people that Obamacare is not failing, even as Aids and cancer drug prices rise, premiums and deductibles rise, and policies are cancelled, just so a few new people can get a government Monopoly money Medicare card, which “covers” them – except that there are no doctors available. 

But these academics are trained to squawk and smear if anyone funds something independent. Almost no one outside of DC takes these street walkers seriously anymore. People are openly laughing at Obama, Jay Carney, etc.