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25 Feb

Naomi Wolf’s speech at the Liberty Forum was a marvelous presentation of the tyranny of our times, and it was especially interesting to hear it all come from the mind of an old-style social democrat / socialist. There was very little to argue with in her presentation at all. And yet, right at the end, you could get a sense of what’s wrong with the perceptions of government among this old-school group. She imagines that government has been corrupted in some fundamental sense by large corporations and that if we could somehow block their influence, government would reemerge as a progressive force to do good for everyone. For this reason, her final counsel to get involve in politics and elect better leaders ended up being unsatisfying. In the end, I suspect that she can’t really imagine how society can flourish without the state, and therefore it becomes imperative to forever chase this dream of an uncorrupted and incorruptible public sector. She was right enough to complain of Big Pharma, Big Insurance, Big Military Contractors, Big Banks, Big Finance, etc, but notably left out of her list of evil was government itself, which is the thing that makes the rest possible. It’s an interesting ideological study to try to make sense of people who see the world this way, circling around and around the core problem but being unable to name it or really present a viable plan for an alternative.

Naomi Wolf at Stop Watching Me

9 Nov

Naomi Wolf at Stop Watching Me

3 Nov