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Non-Interventionism and the Murder of the Young American Man in Israel

1 Jul

Three young men in Israel were murdered and their bodies were found this week in a field covered in rocks. One was an American citizen. They were not military and I doubt they were armed. They look like teens.  This occasioned the following exchange.  What do you think?

Eric Dondero

10:21 AM (22 minutes ago)

to me
hey Bruce, why are so-called “Libertarians” completely silent this morning on the biggest story of the day: 3 Israeli Teens murdered by Muslims?
What the fuck is up?  We should be all screaming in the faces of Cato, Libertarian Party national HQ, Reason, Lew Rockwell, Ron Paulists, the lot of them:
Hey you stupid fucks THIS IS WHAT NON-INTERVENTION BRINGS US: Murdered Westerners by Muslim-Nazis.  
Goddamned I’m pissed off today.  Fucking totally pissed off at the silence of people who mistakenly use the label “libertarian.”  
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Bruce Majors <>

10:31 AM (13 minutes ago)

to Eric, .
My excuse is I just woke up this morning and have only seen it on the news.

Wouldn’t “they” say to you though that
1) the kid was not murdered in the US, but while running around in a dangerous area?
2) black kids get murdered near the National Zoo (one did a year ago anyway) because he got a job and brought a nice new leather coat and some other kids killed him for his coat at the Woodley Park metro
3) not that I am against (at all) IDF bombing actual Hamaz and Hezbollah locations, especially those with weapons, but Israel doesn’t exactly have a non-interventionist foreign policy does it?
4) Obama’s non-interventionism isn’t Gary Johnson’s.  Obama’s version is “I hate America too.  Fuck with us and our friends and allies anyway you want and I will at most talk big and incoherently, and then sell you weapons.”