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Libertarian-Baiting the Anti-NSA Movement

24 Oct
Libertarian-Baiting the Anti-NSA Movement by Justin Raimondo —

Raimondo exposes Tom Watson, the latest Stalon smear merchant, as a long time defender of the NSA and hatchet man on WikiLeaks, Snowden, and Assange.

Statist disinfo site "Crooks and Liars" spazzes out over the boogeyman of Gary Johnson’s radical libertarianism

14 Oct
MSNBC’s ‘Brain Trust’ Includes Wingnut Libertarian Gary Johnson

Please leave the Crooks and Liars a reply on their website.

Obamanoids Shrugged!

12 Sep

Maureen Dowd summed up Obama’s week: “Amateur hour started when Obama dithered on Syria and failed to explain the stakes there. It escalated last August with a slip by the methodical wordsmith about “a red line for us” — which the president and Kerry later tried to blur as the world’s red line, except the world was averting its eyes.”

Dana Milbank described Obama’s foreign policy by gaffe (the Biden effect?): “Kerry can be forgiven for being at odds with the president. The president, in the space of his 16-minute address, was often at odds with himself. He spent the first 12 minutes arguing for the merits of striking Syria — and then delivered the news that he was putting military action on hold.”

Bill Maher: “Sorry, Barry, you didn’t make the sale with me. Real Time comes back Friday night, I still like my argument better. But nice suit.”

The usual commutard faux radicals and peacenik poseurs of Hollywood (John Cusak gloriously excepted) have been so silent BuzzFeed assumed they must have been abducted.

And David Simon, the grumpy, self-satisfied, rigid, ever unhappy while wildly successful (basically the Bill Maher of the east coast) writer-creator of Treme and Wired, was defending Obama’s surveillance state and NSA abuses last month, but has gone silent during the Syria befuddlement.  (We put his blog in our blogroll over there on the right hand side — but you will have to go way down to the bottom to find it, because he hasn’t posted a peep in weeks!)