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The Discrimination Boogeyman – It’s Time to Sue Gay and Lesbian Businesses

1 Apr
It’s interesting to remember, as so called “liberals” try to flay and decapitate any dissenter to their civil rights paradigm — the civil rights industry that leaves African Americans in double digit unemployment and in de facto segregated schools (the latter profit centers where poor children of color are sold to educrat cartels in exchange for donations to Democratic Party candidates) — that the main organization that has denied employment to people for being gay is the federal government.

The Mattachine Society of Washington, D.C. continues to unearth papers related to this, that show that the main threat to gay people has always been government.  Long after Fortune 500 companies adopted gay inclusive HR policies, it was mainly the military, intelligence agencies, and government schools denying gay people jobs.

I myself took a cryptology test for the NSA in the mid-80s, passed, and received a large package to fill out for an offer of employment.  But didn’t send it back in since I was afraid I couldn’t be out and an intelligence community employee at the same time.  And thus missed out on being Edward Snowden.

Meanwhile all the people whining about laws that might allow religious people to NOT have their freedom of association violated by being forced to associate with gay weddings etc. don’t realize that these same laws, that will force everyone to associate with everyone else, at least at work, spell the end of all women’s music festivals, lesbian cruises, gay bed and breakfasts, gay bars, and the thing that people were just beginning to investigate, gay senior citizen homes and 55+ communities.  They’ve already made it impossible to run a gay real estate company or apartment building anywhere where sexual orientation is a protected class under local fair housing law, since you can’t ask or tell anything about the sexual orientation of a client, tenant, seller, or buyer.

If we are going to live in a world with no right to freedom of association (at least when we are making a living), where we sue some poor little Christian woman hundreds of thousands of dollars and into poverty and the dole because she doesn’t believe she should bake a gay wedding cake, then please straight people, sue the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival, Olivia cruises and every gay motel listed in PurpleRoofs out of existence.  (I’ve actually stayed at a clothing optional Ft. Lauderdale gay B&B, a high end one with a spa and a fancy website, and seen them turn away a straight couple who had made reservations.)