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Robert Sarvis for Governor

1 Oct
I went to a Virginia Libertarian candidate forum to bring you Robert Sarvis and the other Virginia candidates but…Robert Sarvis wasn’t there!

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(This first video from MSNBC cannot be viewed on an IPad or some other tablet devices, unlike the YouTube’s below.  Sorry.)

Because he is now doing mainstream media almost full time, as he is getting almost 10% of the vote.

He still has virtually no money.  He has great ads on youtube that could be on TV, if you donate here.

State assembly candidates Laura Delhomme (Arlington), Anthony Tellez (Falls Church), and Patrick Hagerty spoke on Obamacare, the drug war, and abolishing the Virginia income tax.

Libertarians on ballot in Virginia in record numbers

29 Jun

Libertarian Party candidates for governor, House earn spots on Virginia ballot

Posted by John Riley  @MetroWeekly

June 28, 2013 2:21 PM | 
Move over, Terry McAuliffe and Ken Cuccinelli: there’s a third candidate on the ballot in the governor’s race this November.


The Libertarian Party of Virginia announced Thursday that its gubernatorial candidate, Robert Sarvis, obtained the 10,000 signatures of registered Virginia voters needed to earn a spot on November’s ballot. Virginia’s requirements for third-party ballot access required Sarvis to collect at least 400 of those signatures from each of the Commonwealth’s 11 congressional districts.

Sarvis, a lawyer, software engineer and math teacher from Annandale who might be characterized as fiscally conservative and socially liberal, is running a campaign around the issues of tax reform, school choice, gun rights, marijuana legalization, drug decriminalization and reform, and recognizing gay marriages.

“Virginia needs open-minded, economically literate leadership, not culture wars and class wars,” Sarvis said in a statement announcing he had earned a spot on the ballot. “By protecting personal and economic freedom, we can make Virginia the envy of the world, with a growing economy that adds jobs and raises incomes, and a system of laws providing equality and justice for all. So let’s buck the two-party system, bring people together and build a Virginia that’s open-minded and open for business.”

But Sarvis won’t be his party’s only standard-bearer. Seven other candidates running for the House of Delegates have also gained ballot access by gathering 125 signatures from registered voters, marking the highest number of candidates running on the Libertarian Party line since the early 1990s, the party announced in a press release.  

Although the Libertarian Party platform states that “seuxal orientation, preference, gender or gender identity should have no impact on the government’s treatment of individuals, such as in current marriage, child custody, adoption, immigration or military service laws,” four candidates from more conservative areas are not highlighting the issue of marriage equality or whether they support the recognition of same-sex relationships on their campaign websites. 

In Southwestern Virginia, Jonathan Parrish is running against Del. Scott Garrett (R-Lynchburg, Amherst, Beford counties). In Northern Virginia, Patrick Hagerty is running for the seat held by Del. Joe May (R-Loudoun, Clarke, Frederick counties), who was defeated in his primary by Dave LaRock. LaRock and Hagerty will face Democrat Mary Daniel in the November election.
Libertarian Christopher G. Sullivan is running for the seat being vacated by Del. John Cox (R-Caroline, Hanover, Spotsylvania counties), where he faces Democrat Toni Radler and Republican Buddy Fowler. In Southeastern Virginia, Dan Foster will be running for the seat currently occupied by Del. John Cosgrove (R-Chesapeake), who is running in an Aug. 6 special election for the District 14 Senate seat left open by the retirement of Republican moderate Sen. Henry Blevins (R-Chesapeake, Portsmouth, Franklin, Virginia Beach, Suffolk, Isle of Wight Co.).
But three other candidates from Northern Virginia are quite vocal in touting their support for marriage equality, and could potentially draw the discussion to the left when it pertains to recognizing same-sex relationships and treating them equally under the law. 


Those candidates are:  Laura Delhomme, running in a district that includes Virginia Square, Ballston, and much of central Arlington against Del. Patrick Hope (D-Arlington Co.), and Anthony Gabriel Tellez, running for the open seat being vacated by retiring Del. Jim Scott (D-Falls Church, Fairfax Co.). Tellez will face Democrat Marcus Simon and Republican Brad Tidwell in November.

Chuck Moulton, the chairman of the Libertarian Party of Virginia, told Metro Weekly that the party has consistently supported marriage equality since 1971, noting that Democrats only added marriage equality to their party’s platform in 2012. 
“We’ve got almost 40 years on them,” Moulton said.
While marriage equality is a part of the official party platform, individual candidates are allowed to decide what their own platform will be based upon the needs their district, Moulton said. Some, he said, want the government to get out of the marriage business entirely, while some others believe that, as long as government is involved, it should treat all marriages equitably. 
“What we generally do as a rule of thumb is we have the candidates name their top three issues, all of which need to have a libertarian stance,” Moulton said. “Some candidates are emphasizing marriage equality as a part of their platforms, particularly our candidates in Northern Virginia.”
Asked about where the Libertarian Party stands on other LGBT issues, such as nondiscrimination in employment, Moulton said that the party, in general, doesn’t like to carve out special exemptions for specific classes of people.
“We support free speech in general, being able to hire and fire whom you want,” Moulton said. “Although we of course oppose discrimination, we think the way to combat that is by boycotting or refusing to do business with someone.” 
However, Moulton noted, individual candidates will differ and will be in charge of their own stances on issues like nondiscrimination bills. He encouraged Metro Weekly to inquire about those issues with each candidate’s campaign. 
[Photo 1: Robert Sarvis, Libertarian Party candidate for governor, pictured with his family (courtesy of Sarvis for Governor). Photo 2: Lindsey Bolton, District 48 candidate and proponent of marriage equality (courtesy of Lindsey Bolton for Virginia General Assembly).]

Sarvis for Governor joins Virginia’s record largest slate of Libertarians

27 Jun

For Immediate Release
Wednesday, June 26, 2013
Libertarian Candidate Robert Sarvis on Ballot for Virginia Governor
(Arlington, June 26, 2013) — Virginia voters will have a third candidate on the ballot for governor in November. According to the Virginia State Board of Elections, Robert Sarvis has been validated as an official candidate for the Virginia gubernatorial race. Virginia election rules require that statewide candidates gather 10,000 signatures of registered Virginia voters, with 400 of those signatures collected from each congressional district.
Robert Sarvis says “Virginia needs open-minded, economically literate leadership, not culture wars and class wars.” Robert Sarvis has emphasized empowering parents by championing school choice, and providing tax relief and job growth through tax reform. Sarvis’s campaign is also highlighting the importance of protecting gun rights, recognizing gay marriages, and reforming our drug laws to reduce violence and restore civil liberties.
When asked about his plan for Virginia, Sarvis responded: “by protecting personal and economic freedom, we can make Virginia the envy of the world, with a growing economy that adds jobs and raises incomes, and a system of laws providing equality and justice for all. So let’s buck the two-party system, bring people together, and build a Virginia that’s open-minded and open for business.”
Patrick Hagerty, candidate for House of Delegates in the 33rd district of Virginia, also received verification from the Board of Elections that he would be on the ballot in November. Adding this Leesburg business owner to the slate of House of Delegates candidates brings the total number of LPVA candidates to eight; making 2013 the largest slate of candidates the Libertarian Party of Virginia has run in over a decade.
Inquiries about Mr. Sarvis and Mr. Hagerty’s campaigns can be made via:
Robert Sarvis
Phone: 202-352-8335
Mail: Sarvis for Governor 2013
P.O. Box 224
Annandale, VA 22003
Questions about the Libertarian Party of Virginia may be directed to LPVA chairman Chuck Moulton at (215) 768-6812 or or to LPVA communications director Laura Delhomme at (571) 249-4613 or

Virginia Libertarian Candidates’ Forum

17 May
Gubernatorial candidate Robert Sarvis, and state delegate candidates Patrick Hagerty (Loudon County), Laura Delhomme (Arlington), and Anthony Tellez (Fairfax) answered questions from a room full of local libertarians.

My take, shared by others, was that it was fantastic that the northern Virginia area in particular had done a great job in recruiting so many candidates (the are around a dozen in the whole state with more declaring), and that these candidates – tax attorneys, economists, IT people, with degrees from Georgetown, Harvard, Cambridge, NYU, George Mason – are great candidates, but that they need to learn more about state law (they are all well informe on federal and national issues) and learn how to answer questions with short punchy answers.  They were here speaking to wonkish libertarian cognoscenti, but I’d like to see them practice answers for the public and 30 second TV and radio spots .