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"Liberaltarian" (?)ish Paul Zuckerberg opposes property tax hikes

24 Aug

Tax to Grind @Washingon City Paper

In last week’s Housing Complex column, Aaron Wiener reported that D.C.’s underassessment of property values is costing the city hundreds of millions of dollars in tax revenue, and made the case that local agencies ought to do better assessing land near market value. To which local attorney Paul Zukerbergsays: nuh-huh. In a letter, the 2013 at-large D.C. Council candidate writes, “Homeowners have their property assessed every year by the tax office, and then have to pay higher taxes based on the theoretical value of their property, if it was sold. Trouble is, many homeowners don’t want to sell. And unless they do sell, there is no new cash to pay their bigger tax bill. True, property tax increases in the District are capped by law at no more than 10 percent per year. But how many middle class and working people get a 10 percent raise every year?

“The District already has a $400 million dollar budget surplus, earned on the backs of homeowners and working families. Let’s cap further property tax increases, and give some breathing room to middle income families, seniors, and those on fixed incomes.”

And then there were still 8!

25 Feb
So one liberal/left Democrat tried to knock another one off the ballot, practicing a little of that cartelizing barriers to entry regulation proglodytes favor in everything from education to the economy.  But it didn’t work.

Committee To Elect Paul Zukerberg
Bruce —

This morning the DC Board of Elections gave Paul a big win. He will be on the April 23 ballot for DC Council.

Another candidate (Elissa Silverman) tried to knock Paul from the ballot based on flawed voter address data. Paul proved that his voter petitions were accurate, and that it was the DC Board of Elections database that was wrong.

Now that Paul won the right of voters to choose, he needs your help to win the election.

You don’t have to settle for the same DC candidates. You do have a choice.

Please follow Paul’s campaign for change on Facebook and Twitter. Order a yard sign. If you are able to, please donate at the link above.

Together we can bring change to DC politics.

Committee to Elect Paul Zukerberg

7 Democrats, 1 Republican on Special Election ballot; AP and Washington Post get names wrong

27 Jan

How embarrassing for the Post and the Associated Press. I know all those Jewish names sound alike, but the candidate is Paul Zuckerberg (pictured in photo on far left), not Paul Zuckerman. I bet if you look at his petitions or the handy tweets the DC Board of Elections provides you can get the names right.

8 candidates submit petitions to run in special election for open DC Council seat

WASHINGTON — Eight candidates have submitted petitions to run for an open D.C. Council seat in a special election this spring.
The deadline to submit petitions was 5 p.m. Wednesday. Candidates must collect signatures from 3,000 registered voters in the district to appear on the ballot.

The election will fill the at-large seat vacated by Phil Mendelson when he became council chairman last year. Democrat Anita Bonds is filling the seat on an interim basis and is among the candidates who turned in petitions.
The D.C. Board of Elections says former councilmember Michael A. Brown also submitted petitions. So did Republican school board member Patrick Mara, who finished second in a nine-person special election in 2011.
The other candidates are Matthew Frumin, Perry Redd, John Settles, Elissa Silverman and Paul Zukerman.
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Paul Zuckerberg’s DC city council race

12 Jan
Paul Zuckerberg, a marijuana use defense attorney in DC who is running for the city council at large seat in April, held a meet and greet last night at his Adams Morgan office on Lanier Place, which a couple of local libertarians attended.  There were only around 16 people there, and after people associated with the Petworth charter school Zuckerberg’s kids attend (his campaign treasurer is also a charter school parent at the same school), people from the local libertarian meetup may have had the second best showing.  (I didn’t inquire as to how many were former clients.)

According to Zuckerberg he had 2100 signatures on the 11th.  Every candidate needs 3000; its a special election and even the Democrats and Republicans have to petition to get on the ballot.  News reports so far are that one Republican, Patrick Mara, and 14 Democrats – including incumbent Anita Bonds, Zuckerberg, and Michael Brown, who recently lost a re-election bid – are running.  Zuckerberg thinks he has met some Green Party people petitioning as well.

Zuckerberg hopes to get the 3000 before anyone else, so he can file them and get a news story out of it. You can’t file any signatures until you have the minimum number required, but can then file extras up until January 23rd.  To ward off challenges most candidates aim for 4500 to 6000 signatures.  Both Bonds and Brown (the son of Bill Clinton’s  Secretary of Commerce) have staffs of paid petitioners.

Many DC libertarians are supporting Patrick Mara, who supports charter schools, gay marriage, and fiscal restraint, and is viewed by many as libertarian-leaning.  So we went to Zuckerberg’s event to see if there we some equally good Democrats.  What we found was disappointing, though Zuckerberg is running in such a corrupt city and among such a boring and cretinous crop of Democrats that he still shines a little by contrast.

We began by asking Zuckerberg what his top 5 issues were above and beyond marijuana decriminalization.  He stalled at answering.  He finally got out that he is interested in education, and according to his website he does support charter schools, and sends his children to them.  The only other issue he ever got to was some plan for a bicycle trail from Maine to Key West that would tie together local routes like the C&O canal, allowing one to bike down the eastern seaboard.  No other issues came up.

Back to marijuana, the law and regulation of which is his vocation,  Zuckerberg had a lot more to say.  Much of it simultaneously horrifying and also better than what we have now.  Zuckerberg wants to maintain large civil fines for marijuana use but not have it be a crime with criminal charges.  According to him this is best because it means DC law would not contradict federal law.  In his mind if DC does not make something illegal that federal law does make illegal, that would be a state law contradicting the federal law.  Contradicting it by not existing, apparently.   I suppose large civil penalties mean people would still need marijuana defense lawyers too?

Additionally Zuckerberg favors having ABC style government owned stores to sell medical marijuana, because allowing private vendors to do it, as in California, makes it seem like the industry is a sham attempt to get around The Law and disobey the government.

Zuckerberg did have many anecdotes to tell about his work defending people arrested in DC, many of whom face federal charges since they are often smoking on the Mall, the GW parkway scenic rest stops, Rock Creek Park, and other federal government owned properties.  His heart seems to have some libertarian impulses but they are almost completely strangled by his conventional statist DC hive political faith.