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Internet Censorship

20 Sep
808,363 of us told the FCC to Stop Internet Regulation - Thank You!n

808,363 of us told the FCC to Stop Internet Regulation - Thank You!You have been a huge part of our StopInternetRegulation campaign. THANK YOU. Together we beat the liberals at their own game with an unprecedented 808,363 comments!

I hope this will be the start of something even bigger, and that you’ll be a part of it as our organization grows.

I’m Phil Kerpen, president of American Commitment and a longtime free-market activist. Before starting American Commitment I worked at the Cato Institute, the Club for Growth, and Americans for Prosperity.

Think tanks like Cato do a fabulous job doing in-depth policy research and analysis, and grassroots groups like AFP and the tea parties have injected enormous energy at the local level all over the country. But most local activists just don’t have the time to read lengthy think tank papers..

I started American Commitment to fill that gap.

We focus on timely, hard-hitting policy research and analysis in short form action alerts, columns, and explanatory videos. We work on taxes and spending, health care, energy, regulatory policy, and – of course – technology policy, like our current effort to stop the FCC from regulating the Internet like an old-fashioned phone company.

When you joined this effort you also signed up for our email list, and I hope you’ll stay for the latest information on all of the critical issues we’re working on. We promise to only send you email when it’s truly important, to give you a solid explanation of the issues involved, and make it easy for you to take action.

If you use Facebook, we’d love for you to join us there too by clicking here.

Thanks again, and welcome.


Phil Kerpen
President, American Commitment