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OPC Petitions Commission to Consider Ordering a Hold on Smart Meter Exchanges

31 Mar

People’s Counsel Sandra Mattavous-Frye has asked the
 DC Public Service Commission to halt meter exchanges
for all remaining Pepco customers who have indicated that
they do not want a radio frequency “smart meter” placed on 
or in their home. In September 2012, the PSC issued Order 
No. 16892  initiating an Investigation to consider the feasibility
 of a smart meter opt-out provision. To date, OPC has continued
to receive complaints from consumers who want the ability to
refuse the installation of Pepco’s smart meter. “While a consultant
has been hired to conduct a study, no procedural schedule has been
issued and it may be some time before the Commission has the
data it needs to develop a decision,” said the People’s Counsel.

Given the formative stage of the proceeding and the primary 
issue, whether consumers can opt-out, OPC believes that allowing
the company to force consumers to accept the meters defeats the
purpose of the proceeding.  Therefore, OPC’s petition requests the
Commission issue an order allowing consumers who have not had a
smart meter installed at this time to refuse the installation of a new
meter until the PSC renders a decision.

  In Pepco’s Maryland service territory, the Maryland PSC issued 
an Interim Order Regarding an Opt-out Option for Smart Meters,
directing Pepco not to install a smart meter on the home or business
of customers who notified the Company in writing that they did not
wish to have a smart meter installed.

  “In light of the challenges we have faced in the District, this 
action would be in the public interest, and would be responsive
to many of the consumers who remain concerned about the safety,
accuracy and security of the new meters. This action would not
preclude Pepco from installing a smart meter at some later point
subject to the requirements of the PSC decision in this case,” said
People’s Counsel Mattavous-Frye.


Sandra Mattavous-Frye, People’s Counsel
Office of the People’s Counsel 
for the District of Columbia
1133 15th Street, NW, Suite 500
Washington, DC 20005
Phone: 202.727.3071 

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11 Jan

Sara Tung and I are both concerned about Smart Meter technology which may be coming to our homes via the electric company. We are asking you to support a bill that would allow consumers to opt out of the new microwave transmitting meters and retain the analog meter.
These meters pose health risks (especially to those who are sensitive to electrical and microwave radiation) and also privacy risks (utility companies will have a lot more access to your lifestyle information).
Please consider signing this Alliance for Natural Health petition which will contact your state delegate to express your concern and support for the bill.
Just fyi, I have just agreed to serve on the Board of the Center for Safer Wireless. Check out their website for more information about this important health issue:
Kimberly Hartke, Asst. Meetup Organizer
Sara Tung, Meetup Organizer