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Is America a Stalinist country? Are townhalls and forums Potemkin Villages?

24 Sep
Charges against Maryland resident Robert Small, father of two children who attend the public schools about which he is asking questions, have been dropped.

 How many parents, voters, citizens, or taxpayers will ask questions when the State attempts to humiliate them, physically harm them, and subject them to arrest and charges of 10 years in prison, unless it deigns in its mercy to drop the charges?

This is one of the best arguments against gun prohibition.  With government agents breaking into people’s homes, killing their pets, and physically assaulting them at town halls, they need to be worrying that we are all armed.

The claim was that he had not submitted a question in advance, as was required.  One can easily see how that protocol is used by the educrats to protect themselves from accountability.  How many questions submitted in advance that they did not like did they simply lose? (Remember the exposes of teacher cheating in Freakonomics.)

This “officer” and the educrat panelists should all face justice.

Update:  Since this event occurred, Anne Arundel County in Maryland has passed a law prohibiting having “large” or distracting items at a public forum (like balloons or signs).  Besides the predictable selective enforcement of this against speech they don’t like, one suspects that IPads and other recording devices will be defined as “distracting.”