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D.C. Libertarians run full slate

6 Aug
Libertarians in D.C. are now running a full slate of candidates, for Mayor, Delegate to Congress, Wards 1, 3, 5 and 6 city council seats, At Large city council, city council chairman, and both Shadow seats.


The final entrant is Preston Cornish, an Eckington resident who was born in Washington, D.C., for Ward 5 (Eckington, Brookland, Edgewood, Woodbridge and other NE neighborhoods).  Mr. Cornish supplied the following statement for the Voter Guide that DC mails to every voter in the city:

Ward 5 needs a Councilmember who is steadfastly dedicated to improving the lives of its citizens—not a politician who will spend the next term angling for even higher political office.

To improve government functioning, I will fight for competitive contracting, reduced waste, and elimination of unnecessary function. To better the lives of our citizens, I will press for greater parental control of education. And, I will seek to block policies that impinge on the individual freedom of residents. 

I was born in DC, and I will work to earn your vote.

Preston Cornish

Pranav Badhwar, Libertarian for Ward 6 city council, supplied this statement for the November Voter Guide

“My wife and I are devoted to this city where our children were born and attend school. Our politicians today offer failing middle schools despite spending almost $30,000/student, exclude the poor from opportunity through excessive licensing, and viciously but ineffectively and expensively prosecute non-violent drug users. With less spending and based on already successful policies, my plan creates thriving schools, generates opportunities for the neediest, where men and women can thrive as small business owners, reduces the cost of housing and transportation, and creates a safer city by re-focusing police attention on violent, not victimless, crime.”

Kyle Walker, Libertarian for city council chair, provided the following statement:

As City Council Chairman I will work to make it easier for DC parents to choose the best school for their children, DC property owners to provide affordable space for renters to live and work, and DC entrepreneurs to create valuable products, services, and jobs here in our city. I will never vote to restrict your personal freedom to live how you choose, and I will work to erase nonviolent-victimless crimes from the books. Unnecessary laws, regulations, and bureacracy prevent us from living and working how we see fit, and such policies offer insiders and cronies the opportunity to gain personal advantage at the public’s expense. By focusing on the well-being of all DC residents rather than special interest groups looking for favors from the public or looking to legislate virtue, I believe we can make DC a freer, safer, and more prosperous place to call home.


Bruce Majors, Libertarian for Mayor, also updated his Voter Guide statement from the one that appeared in the primary Voter Guide in April:

I am running for Mayor to shift the discussion of issues in DC.  Or since David Catania and Muriel Bowser have spent the year NOT debating issues and NOT proposing any solutions beyond minor tinkering with our existing failing schools and programs, perhaps I should say to RAISE issues.  Libertarians want more choices for DC residents –  more school choice and more freedom to take jobs – from driving a cab to braiding hair to running a school or daycare – without being blocked by government.  Freedom to work!  (We want to shift the Overton window, in political science terms.)