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Republican Party caucus attacks D.C. Libertarian mayoral candidate Majors for … wanting to cut defense budget….?

18 Feb
I actually pledge, if elected Mayor of D.C., NOT to remove any of the D.C. government military bases from Japan or Germany. So the Republican Security Council has nothing to fear! – Libertarian mayoral candidate Bruce Majors

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Post by Republican Security Council.

Bruce Majors is the Libertarian Party candidate for Mayor of Washington, DC. He describes himself as part of the “Ron Paul Revolution,” and is an anti-war activist. He is well to the left of Obama and Pelosi on defense, foreign policy and war on terror issues. 

Majors has many conservative friends but is often detrimental to the cause. His focus last year was on the Libertarian gubernatorial nominee in Virginia, and once again, the third party vote snatched victory from a Republican. 

Bruce’s hero, Ron Paul, endorsed GOP nominee Ken Cuccinelli, but that made no difference to him. Libertarian candidates have also cost the GOP five U.S. Senate seats (MN, OR, MT, IN and WA). Of the 10 candidates running for Mayor, Majors is the only avowed homosexual.

He completely supports gay marriage and has worked against candidates who back the Defense of Marriage Act. It would be difficult to challenge his leadership on gay issues. 

The surprise is that he has received the lowest rating possible from the Gay and Lesbian Activist Alliance (GLAA). It has nothing to do with gay issues, but GLAA does not like him because Majors opposes increased government spending and taxation. 

The organization said Majors and “his party’s ideological distrust of government is at odds with policies and reforms favored by GLAA. Consequently, many of his responses were interpreted as non-responsive or negative.” 

This is not a unique response. It has happened to other gay Republicans, and to conservative black and Hispanic candidates. The liberal agenda comes first with many of these national organizations.