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Wednesday’s top libertarian Internet updates

18 Sep
1) Lew Rockwell on Facebook 

Let me get this straight. A veteran and Navy contractor, trained by the military to kill and probably on government-prescribed psychiatric drugs, enters a government facility dedicated to killing, and kills 12 people. The government warmaker-in-chief, who kills far more than 12 people a day, says this is a reason for the government to grab privately owned guns from peaceful people with no connection to the government.

2) Robert Higgs on Facebook

“A mutual friend dictated the following to me: ‘Now do you think the people are paid substantial sums of money by powerful corporate interests to promote libertarianism or are they motivated by sheer hatred of humanity.'” — Stephen Sniegoski

Well, speaking only for myself, of course, I’d say it has to be the sheer hatred of humanity, because the big bucks have been repeatedly lost in the mail for the past 45 years.

3)  BruceMajors4DC on Twitter

The idiocracy (Mika on MSNBC)  think video games cause shootings, instead of thinking mentally ill  loners are attracted to video games.

Robert Higgs, "The State is Too Dangerous to Tolerate"

4 Sep