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Libertarian calendar for December

28 Dec
For Libertarian Party events nationally check here.


December 30

Fox Business

Fox Business Network announced the Dec. 9 launch of an exciting new nightly news show of discussion and debate, called The Independents, hosted by ReasonTV correspondent Kennedy, along with Reason Editor in Chief Matt Welch and Kmele Foster from Freethink Media.


December 30
Virginia Beach, VA

New Year’s Eve Eve Libertarian Party Party

1830 Kempsville Rd. Ste 101Virginia Beach, Virginia 23464
The delusions voters had had had had no effect on their diminishing support for President Obama.

Free market Anti-Capitalism?

21 Oct

New issue of "The Industrial Radical"

13 Jul

iRad I.3 in Print, iRad I.2 Online

The third issue (Spring 2013) of The Industrial Radical will be back from the printers and on its way to subscribers shortly, featuring articles by Less Antman, Jason Lee Byas, Kevin Carson, Nathan Goodman, Anthony Gregory, Trevor Hultner, Charles Johnson, Joshua Katz, Thomas L. Knapp, Abby Martin, Chad Nelson, Sheldon Richman, Jeremy Weiland, and your humble correspondent, on topics ranging from NSA surveillance and whistleblowing, the Turkish revolt, the Boston lockdown, the Keystone XL pipeline, intellectual property, and the futility of gun control in an age of 3-D printing, to compulsory schooling, American militarism, conscription, worker exploitation, property rights, prison ethics, rape culture, the pros and cons of communism, and the dubious legacy of Margaret Thatcher.
The Industrial Radical I.3 (Spring 2013)
With each new issue published, we post the immediately preceding issue online. Hence a free pdf file of our second issue (Winter 2013) is now available here. (See the first issue also.)
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