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Raising funds for a libertarian candidate or project?

13 Aug
Leftovers provide you with a prospect list.  Although she actually doesn’t name that many names.

It’s nor clear rhey even realize how much O’Keefe et al totally surpass them at undercover video.

A reader below chastises me for sharing this video via my blog rather than directly from RT, as he feels I added little content.  Which in a way is true of the Thom Hartmann show.  Sexy topic, not a lot of pay off.

Is there a reason to talk to leftovers?

25 Jan
(This post is a stub, because i am writing it on an Ipad.  Come back tomorrow for the end.)

Libertarians spend a lot of time discussing whether they should spend more or less time doing outreach to the left or the right, to Occupy or to the Tea Party.  Typically those who want to appeal to the left end up being called Beltway libertarians or liberaltarians by their opponents (though liberaltarians also call themselves that).  Those who want to appeal to the right are variously told they are pragmatist, Zionist, Randroids, Republicans, etc.  Objectivists stand on the sidelines and call the whole kit and kaboodle stoners, etc.

I think the whole debate is flawed in that appealing to members of the political class and their media brothel , whether they are right or left, is usually a waste of time.  These people are life long, careerist minions of the tax predator ruling class, including those scribblers, chatterers, and campaigners who think they are radicals or reformers because of their bold ideas about how to tweak State power.  The only important debate, if there is one here, is whether to appeal to the audiences targeted by the left or the right.

It may be that the answer is to target the audience you personally like most or have the best success with.  I suspect this will often include many overlooked and not easily categorized niche audiences.  In the recent discussion, sparked by Julie Borowski’s vlogs, on “where de libertarian women at” I observed that women already active in the libertarian movement, especially the Libertarian Party, seem to be slightly more likely to be socially and sexually nonconformist, so being sure to do outreach or invitations to Pink Pistols (gay and lesbian 2nd Amendment supporters) or polyamory groups, seems like an efficient use of resources.

You’d think being gay I’d like appealing to left audiences.  The left would certainly like you to think so.  But I find people on the left, again more the professional chatterers and not so much their targets, heinous, pathetic, dishonest, subnormal, almost subhuman creatures.  Bereft of intellect, all they do is smear.  Their entire political philosophy consists of branding opponents “racists” even as they round up poor black and brown children and sell them to educrat cartels in exchange for donations to Democratic candidates.

Their mindlessness is on the increase.  Their Obamanomics is crashing all around them and their response is to trot out old ENRON economist Paul Krugman to advocate wars against space aliens to increase  government spending or to advocate minting a trillion dollar fiat coin.  Someone should actually do a regression analysis on the upswing of “biographical” smear pieces attacking Ayn Rand by people who say they never read her, or they read one book by her but outgrew it when they were no longer a teen.  All of these articles, and the readers who follow and post about them, repeat the same old lies.  Ayn Rand is in their minds inconsistent because she got some of her money back by accepting Social Security and Medicare (she was self employed so like many of us she paid double the FICA tax, both the employee and employer taxes, and was like all of us self employed people, ineligible for collecting unemployment even if her business or career hit a dry patch).  Or they will say Ayn Rand collected benefits under a fake name (that is, her legal name, Mrs. Ayn Rand O’Connor).  Leftovers’ idea of argumentation is name calling and repeating (fabricated and dishonest) tabloid trivia.  Leftovers are basically rapists, which is the ultimate expression of their belief that the powerful and the collective can do as they will with any individual.  When a socialist website like Salon experiences a lag in web traffic, they trot out an asexual nerd boy like David Sirota to rape Rand’s corpse on their pay per view, and get their readers to gather round the pool table for the gang bang.  (Joan Walsh stands nearby in her leather chaps and strap on waiting her turn.). Leftovers never realize the hellish pedigree of their whole worldview.  They demand that libertarians shut up if they ever step on a sidewalk the State has monopolized (or get back some money from a retirement fund the State monopolized) – if Persephone eats a single pomengranate seed while held captive in the underworld, then she must agree to be raped half the year by Hades.  Leftovers are rapists; socialism is rape.

So one should not be surprised about the recent dust up by leftover middlebrow flak Thomas Hartmann on his show on Russia TV.  He invited libertarian Austin Petersen, a frequent guest, on his show to discuss government control of healthcare, and began by again ttrashing a dead person, Ken Snyder, Ron Paul’s 2008 campaign manager.  My understanding is that Kent Snyder, who was like me a gay Ron Paul supporter, was the campaign manager and so was in control of whether to buy campaign staff health coverage and what kind of coverage to buy. He had AIDS and whatever he did back then to manage and treat it, he chose not to buy insurance through the campaign. I don’t buy health insurance either currently (I am self employed and also HIV negative) and just pay for doctor and dental visits with cash, which usually means I am actually charged less on my medical visits because I save them paperwork.