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Scott Horton hears a who

24 Jul
Today, is running a mini call a thon to raise a total of $500 to help keep the independent Scott Horton Show on the air.  All I am asking is that if you have social networking access, please let potential donors and sponsors know about a few specials we are running to give this our own personal “kickstart.” 
  • For a one time donation of 200$ or more, one will receive an gift bag including some Raimondo classics, goodies & Liberty Stickers.
  • For those who wish to advertise with the Scott Horton Show, your business will receive the 500$ bonus package for a 200$ per month quarterly commitment. That includes ads for the live show, podcasts, website and social networking.
  • Hey, we love the free market. Let’s negotiate for your premiums.  We have a library of excellent antiwar, anti-empire, anti-torture books.  Call at 323-512-7095
If you have any questions, comments, concerns, insults (most of you are libertarians, that’s what you do, we love it!) please write or call our office. We are always up. The Empire doesn’t sleep. Neither do we.