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Enter Scott Walker

13 Jul

Scott Walker just delivered a very good and fairly rousing speech announcing his entry as the 15th contender for the GOP nomination.

As I listened to it it I could see Donald Trump’s balloon deflating, and a stain soiling old Miss Hillary’s pantsuit through her Depends.

Here is a thread of libertarian reactions:

Well listening to this Scott Walker speech makes me think out of all the non-Rand candidates in the GOP, I might like a Walker-Fiorina ticket best.
  • Bruce P. Majors They are both better public speakers or interviews than Rand, or Governor Gary. Study up!
  • Jack Hunter I used to think that too until he started taking about foreign policy, his support for mandatory minimums, giving the NSA unlimited surveillance powers and reducing legal immigration. Pretty bad.
  • Norman Singleton yea Jack Hunter but Paul Walker 2016 would be cool
  • Bruce P. Majors Great speech though. None of that was in it. I’m hoping he won’t actually call for executing Snowden, cuz then my dick goes back in my pants.

  • Andy Craig

    Scott Walker has officially joined the race for President.
    We’re often asked to give a Libertarian assessment of the Governor, from those outside of Wisconsin wondering if he lives up to the hype as a small-government, free-market, fiscal conservative. We ran candidates against him in 2010 and 2014 (but not in the recall), and in doing so we’ve heard a lot of complaints that the national media has yet to latch onto. 
    Some highlights that might be of interest:
    -Scott Walker threatened to veto constitutional carry, preventing that bill from passing and instead signing a watered-down carry bill to satisfy his objections.
    -Scott Walker’s main “economic growth” push, has been in the creation of W.E.D.C.: the scandal-plagued, crony-capitalist slush fund that gives out taxpayer dollars to politically-connected businesses, with Walker as its Chairman.
    -Scott Walker campaigned against accounting gimmicks to evade the balanced-budget requirement, and then defended his own deficit spending using the same tactics.
    -Scott Walker forbade the construction of a new casino in Southeast Wisconsin, a private business venture that can pay for itself and then some, while pushing government subsidies for a new arena for the billionaire-owned Milwaukee Bucks (that the Menominee tribe had offered to pay the state’s portion of.)
    -Scott Walker campaigned against the statewide indoor smoking ban, saying it was an intrusion on property rights and small businesses, and then changed his mind about it once in office.
    -Scott Walker is a prohibitionist, often repeating long-debunked Reefer Madness arguments. He also dismissed the idea that cannabis is less harmful than alcohol, while presiding over the state with the highest rate of alcoholism in the country.
    -Scott Walker previously condemned the irrational and economically destructive policy of ethanol subsidies, but then flip-flopped when Iowa caucus-goers became more important to him than Wisconsin voters.
    -Scott Walker campaigned for and defended Wisconsin’s ban on same-sex marriage, including a criminal prohibition on Wisconsin residents getting married out-of-state to someone of the same sex.
    -Scott Walker tried to gut the state’s public records provision to protect himself and state legislators, with a last-minute amendment to the state budget, only to claim he had no idea where it came from when public outcry forced the amendment’s removal.
    -Scott Walker made a promise to create 250,000 private-sector jobs in his first term the centerpiece of his 2010 campaign. Actual number: 144,595.
    -Scott Walker is a vocal supporter of the PATRIOT Act, and said Congress was wrong to pass even limited reforms of domestic warrantless spying.
    -Scott Walker made a show of signing a “compassionate” bill named after a terminally ill child, which purported to allowed severe epilepsy patients access to cannabis-based treatments. The bill did nothing, and such treatments are still impossible to legally obtain in Wisconsin.
    -Scott Walker is a full-blown neoconservative on foreign policy, promoting more war, more intervention, and more military spending.
    Wisconsin Libertarians: feel free to add your own things the rest of the nation should know about Wisconsin’s Governor.