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6th DC Libertarian candidate files for Shadow Senator

31 Dec
John Daniel, a Logan Circle tech entrepreneur, is the DC Libertarian Party’s 6th announced candidate, filing petitions New Year’s Eve to run in the U.S. Shadow Senate race.  The position is one created by the DC government to protest DC’s lack of statehood and representation in the U.S. Senate.  Created in 1982, the first Shadow Senator was elected in 1990.

Daniel joins a group of 5 DC Libertarians already running for office:  Frederick Steiner, City Council At Large; Sara Jane Panfil, Delegate to Congress; Bruce Majors, Mayor;  Ryan Sabot, Ward 3 city council representative; and Pranav Badhwar, Ward 6 city council representative.

The DC LP hopes to recruit a candidate before the January 2 deadline for city council chair or for shadow representative.

More candidates are being recruited, for an unprecedented nearly full slate never before put on the ballot by any DC party other than the Democrats. The newly created elected Attorney General position is open to any member of the DC Bar. Wards 1 (Petworth/Columbia Heights), 5 (Brookland) have races, as well as City Council Chair, school board, and Advisory Neighborhood Commission.  If you or anyone you know would like to learn more about running for office, please contact:  Bruce Majors at (202) 704-6401