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Memorial Day Weekend Cultural Offerings

26 May
Nurse Jackie (ShowTime).  Two comments I saw posted somewhere were spot on.  Edie Falco is so good as Jackie it has eclipsed her work in the Sopranos. And Nurse Jackie has become so wretched, such a liar and such a bad mother, we want her character killed off (or in a coma for a year?) while the show continues led by another character,  Nurse Zoey.


The new X-Men movie really is only a B movie.  It wraps things up too neatly, resurrecting dead characters as it heals all wounds via time travel and its giving of mulligans.  Saccharin.  The CGI is cheesy.  There is one great action sequence where Quicksilver, played by Evan Peters, rescues Magneto from a maximum security cell.  Poor Hugh Jackman, who is looking older in close ups with the Wolverine make up, was forced to work out inhumanly to produce a truly gigantic set of back and shoulder muscles, just so they could have a gratuitous scene where he walks across a bedroom and shows his ass.


The Normal Heart (HBO).  Julia Roberts gets to play not a hooker or a secretary with a brave heart of gold, but a polio crippled doctor with one.  She has one chew up the scene monologue where she gets to tell off NIH bureaucrats who centrally plan medical research, delaying studies for over 3 years and creating a national medical policy of refusing to cooperate with scientists in France and other countries.  Matt Bomer and Mark Ruffalo play a couple, who are respectively a New York Times reporter and AIDS activist, at the center of the response to the AIDS crisis.  Jim Parsons plays a social service nun.

It’s funny how still no one has looked at how FDA sclerotization of medical markets prevented new HIV  drugs from coming on line for so long, even today when we have the VA committing fraud to cover up its letting patients die and new reports that every other country in the world had much better sunscreens than the USA, while ours haven’t changed for years because the FDA says it can’t get around to approving new ingredients because of a back log of work.

I’m watching it as I write this.  It’s not bad, and the production values are high, but it has a little feel of the typical “progressive” stations of the cross, where the participants self-congratulate as they relive their glory days (usually it’s civil rights) as a way of clearing their mind of any recognition of their destructive and murderous policies, from drones to failed schools.

Goodbye Dexter! A Libertarian (?) Serial Killer Sails Off Into the Gulf – and a Pre-Halloween Invite

22 Sep
For some reason characters named “Dexter” seem to be hot but problematic (think C.K. Dexter Haven in The Philadelphia Story).

Tonight is the series finale of the 8 season long show about a serial killer who practices the Non-Aggression Principle through butchery Dexter (dextrous?) Morgan (morgue in?).  It’s funny that the kind of (slow burn) hottie who plays Dexter Morgan (Michael C. Hall) played the owner of a Morgue Inn (his TV family ran and owned and lived adjacent to a funeral home) in his previous premium channel hit Six Feet Under.

Dexter you see was trained by his policeman father to only kill other serial killers.  He’s never I suspect fit a real forensic psychiatrist profile of a serial killer.  He has a relationship with the wraith of his father, his living sister, a current girl friend, a murdered (by someone else) wife, and their son, all of whom he loves, misses, feels guilt towards, and worries about.  He does have a compulsion to brutal butchery, which he has educated to be used against only other, less ethical, serial killers.  Tonight he faces off against yet another one of those in a final showdown.

Interestingly, recent studies show that both highly successful people, and libertarians, rank very slightly higher on the “sociopathy” scale (libertarians only by a smidge) than the average person.  (I rank a smidge higher than even the average libertarian on Jonathan Haidt’s online test.  So you are welcome to come over after dark and watch the final episode of Dexter with me — it will be your last, after all.)

8 Ways to Say Goodbye to Dexter®

After eight seasons, Dexter® will come to an end tonight at 9PM ET/PT.
Here are eight ways you can say goodbye!
» 1)
Wake up and imitate Dexter’s MORNING ROUTINE.
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Play DEXTER’S® DISCIPLES and test your knowledge on the past eight seasons by slicing through trivia, earning blood slides, and unlocking bonus content.
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Join THE RED REWARDS SWEEPSTAKES and win prizes like Dexter® signed scripts, props from the set, and more.
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Get the behind-the-scenes scoop by listening to the Dexter® WRAP-UP PODCASTShosted by writer/supervising producer Scott Reynolds.
» 7)
Host your own finale night Dextravaganza: bake some BLOODY TREATS, order yourCOLLECTION OF KILLERS shot glasses, and crank the proper PARTY MUSIC. Make sure you take pictures!
» 6)
At 9PM tonight, sit back, get one final “Tonight’s the night” out of your system, and justWATCH.