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This weekend’s top Libertarian tweets and status updates

16 Jun
Steve Carpenter

Today marks the 799th anniversary of the signing of the MAGNA CARTA. On June 15, 1215, at Runnymede on the bank of the River Thames near Windsor, King John, in the presence of feudal barons and their knights, sealed under oath the Magna Carta, which by law limited his powers and protected the barons. The sealing of this great document began the protracted process that eventually led to the rule of constitutional law in England and beyond.

It is indeed surreal to observe what appears to be the gradual defenestration of constitutional law here in America today.

Charles Peralo: “How every single debate on gun control goes in this country.

Gun control advocate: Mass shootings are out of control! It’s time to regulate and ban guns!

People with statistics: Actually mass shootings are not on an increase and peaked in the 1920s. 

Gun control advocate: They are still way too common!

People with statistics: Down 50% in the last twenty years and we’ve seen a liberalization of our gun laws over that time. 

Gun Control Advocate: Ha…

People with statistics: Liberalization meaning less regulation on guns. 

Gun Control Advocate: Well let’s do this again next shooting.”

Julie Borowski

I understand that we can’t change the past but we can recognize irresponsible foreign policy mistakes and refuse to support the same mistakes in the future. I do believe that it was a mistake to go into Iraq. Did I always believe that? No. I will admit that I used to be a big supporter of the War in Iraq (which started when I was a freshman in high school). I changed my mind a few years later after learning more about the situation.

My recent status is because I just heard someone on the news say that “we” left Iraq too early and should have stayed longer. If we’re discussing foreign policy mistakes, it makes sense to me to call attention to whether “we” should have ever gone in in the first place.

As they say, hindsight is 20/20. My hindsight is that I regret that I ever supported the War in Iraq.