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On killing children

10 Jul
By Eve Demian, guest blogger

People are very stupid. 

People are so stupid that they don’t seem to recognize the most egregious of lies, even when it’s painfully clear.  Consider the following:

An Arab boy has been murdered, ostensibly by a small gang of Israeli boys/young men (ages 16 to 25).  There are now hundreds of thousands of “Palestinians”, violently rioting, in Israel, in protest of this.  The “Palestinian” people are “outraged“.  And they are rioting.  And uninhibitedly firing missiles into Israeli neighborhoods.  And people outside of Israel, demonstrating their stupidity, are “outraged” on behalf of the so-called “Palestinians”.

Well.  There are a few problems with this picture, even entirely discounting the kidnapping and murder of three Jewish teenagers, that appears to have started it.  Entirely forgetting about that “incidental” item for a moment (as Jew-haters are wont to do), let’s look at the picture and see what “epiphanies” we might find, for the stupid.

Let’s start with the obvious:  the response of the “Palestinians” to the killing of this boy, discloses the lie that Israelis have been “daily killing ‘Palestinian’ children”.  Apparently not.  Apparently, when a “Palestinian” child is killed, by Israelis, there is outrage that manifests itself in very easily discernible riots in Jerusalem.  This response by the “Palestinian” people discloses the lie they have told, for many, many years, until finally that lie has reached the breaking point of someone making it come true.  IF Jews in Israel had ever been “killing ‘Palestinian’ children every day”, THERE WOULD HAVE BEEN RIOTS IN JERUSALEM EVERY DAY.

Moving along to  –  –  the obvious:  It is asserted that the “Palestinian” people are helpless hostages of Hamas, who aren’t really involved in any of the political strife in Israel; really  –  – peaceful, cooperative people, who only wish to live in harmony with their Jewish neighbors, if only those Jews would stop repressing and assaulting them.  (And, of course – – “killing their children every day”).  And I say, “BULLSHIT”.  Take a look at the mobs, openly rioting, in Israel.  Take a look at the enthusiastic and willing agents of Hamas, plying their wares in the capital city of the Jewish homeland.  Do these people look afraid or unwilling, to you?  Why aren’t they rioting against Hamas, in Gaza?  Are there not more of them than there are Hamas members???  Apparently not.  Apparently, everyone you see, and all the numbers participating in those riots, are supporters of Hamas, and avid agents for Hamas, who do very much approveof Hamas, and aid in their activities.

Finally, the very, very obvious:  All this fuss  –  –  over an Arab boy who was burned to death?(horrible).  All this aggressive protest  –  –  by the same people who would have very eagerly put that same boy into a bomb vest and sent him to a fiery death???  The same people who would assert that they would love to have their children die this way???  The same people who would do this very thing to their children as punishment for various offenses to the “honor” of their family and/or their religion?  Yes; those people.  Using this as an excuse to cut loose and really let Jews in Israel have it.  Any excuse for a pogrom on Jews.

For all those to whom these “minor” and “obscure” points never occured: something to muse on.

Terrorists and/or Arab inciters hurling rocks at the windows as we go down the highway.
Kiran Hill if they had rockets, cocktails, AKs, etc they’d be using them right now on all the innocent people with me trying to get home. But “what are the chances, right?”
Wake up people, and welcome to the jungle – where it’s not all fun and games.
And to hell with the stupid bureaucrat somewhere who says lone soldiers like me can’t travel armed, as of yet (May change soon).
Mr. Huff, an American serving in the IDF, was a Ron Paul for President field organizer 


And an additional note from Eve Demian, responding to an internet spammer:

I give you this:  

‘This video is short, very sweet, and to the point. Two Border Patrol IDF soldiers treating kids, “Palestinian” kids, like kids. Just being nice. Did you know that Israeli soldiers can be nice? And teaching them how to be polite and say “thank you” when someone gives you something. This clip says it all.’


And may I add that this would only “shock” you(!) if you’re an idiot who believes that Jews are monsters who eat little “Palestinian” children!
Do you  –  –  understand WHY you always see gangs of roaming “Palestinian” children, unattended and running around?  WHY you see little, small “Palestinian” children playing in groups, in their neighborhoods?  (While you virtually NEVER see Jewish children in Israel this way).  Have you ever thought about this?  Someone once wrote that this showed how little concern for their children “Palestinians” have.  But I would content otherwise; I would point out that this is how SAFE “Palestinian” parents feel, in regard to their children and their whereabouts, in the presence of IDF soldiers.