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Radley Balko’s "The rise of the warrior cop"

25 Jul

Libertarian writer Radley Balko is on a book tour and you may see him in your town soon.

Monday he read from his new book, The rise of the warrior cop, in the hipster H street district (kind of Brooklyn Heights to Capitol Hill’s Manhattan) at a music venue, H.R. 57, and brought along a garage band he likes from his new hometown, Nashville.

Tuesday he spoke at Busboys and Poets, a hipster bar/restaurant/bookstore/performance space in DC’s Mt. Vernon Square (Chelsea?), with a slide show and a follow up Inside the Actor’s Studio style interview with an ACLU lawyer.

Wednesday he appeared on Fox and Friends and then did a Cato policy briefing on Capitol Hill, a debate of sorts with Mark Lomax, the Executive Director of the National Association of Tactical Officers.  I really meant to film more of all these events.  The whole Capitol Hill event will be on the Cato Institute website soon.  Since people reading this blog have probably read Balko at,, the Huffington Post, or his old blog, The Agitator, I am giving you the response to him by police association bureaucrat Mark Lomax, and the Q&A session.

His work is inspiring.  It makes me want to go back to grad school in public policy to do a study of asset forfeiture laws and related programs, from a public choice standpoint.