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The Late Hillary Clinton

25 Oct
This was published yesterday at Breitbart.

Perhaps she was some “way-yaz   tye-ard” from 11 hours of testimony on Benghazi Thursday – Hillary Clinton was 50 minutes late to her rally at Market Square in Old Town, Alexandria yesterday.

Hillary’s Virginia campaign, which has been collecting the 5,000 signatures she needs to be on the Democratic primary ballot, had announced her speech for half past noon, but she showed up at 1:20 pm.

The TSA-like Secret Service metal detectors and table search gates set up at the normally open venue used weekly by a farmer’s market had been open since 11 am.  Even with a two and a half hour advance, the Square on King Street near the Potomac River was less than a third full, with only several hundred Hillaryites- about 85% female and 95% white – waiting to hear Mrs. Clinton.  One hefty, crunchy granola-looking woman waiting in line with me to have her purse searched told her friend the crowd seemed smaller than the weekly farmers’ markets or Christmas fair held at the same venue.

A few people left around 1 pm and a few who stayed asked the organizers for an ETA with a little grumbling.  Old Town was an appropriate venue – the bulk of the crowd were Ladies Who Lunch, 50- and 60-something women, who didn’t seem to have jobs or orher commitments to get back to.  One near me explained to her friends that she worked for herself and could set her own schedule.

The Market Square area (and Old Town generally) is one of the wealthiest D.C. suburban neighborhoods, a business district consisting mainly of banks, real estate firms, restaurants, boutique dress shops, and especially trade and lobbying associations and government contractors.  Only 3 minutes (7/10ths of a mile) away sits the four story waterfront rowhome style mini-mansion Clinton spinner James Carville sold for an even $4 million in June, 2013 before moving to New Orleans.  (It’s a lovely mansion, looking out at a bridge across the Potomac to the National Harbor resort in Maryland – I’ve been to a fundraiser there thrown by Carville’s wife, Republican Mary Matalin.)    The average household income in downtown Alexandria is $146,000, over twice the Virginia state average.

Mrs. Clinton was introduced by Governor Terry McAuliffe, who took credit for new jobs in Virginia and told the small crowd that a Clinton in office could bring the same good fortune to the whole country.  He failed to mention that Virginia ranks first as the biggest recipent of government contracts (Maryland is 4th and DC 5th) with over $51 billion  paid for with money taxed away from other states.  How that model can be generalized was not explained – Mrs. Clinton did not propose taxing Canadians to fund government contracts for all of the 50 states.

Instead, she spoke with a normal cadence, unlike her slow roll speech to the Benghazi committee, and a normal accent, even though she was technically in the south – McAullife had already received applause from the upscale audience by announcing he was the first southern Governor to perform a gay wedding.  Mrs. Clinton was short on policy ideas.  She told personal anecdotes about her grandfather the lace maker and about a little girl who asked her if a girl president would be paid as much as a boy president.  At one point she contrasted how incomes grew under her husband “unlike now,” without noting that increasing inequality and declining incomes have been occurring for 7 years under a Democratic president and a massive expansion of government control of the economy.  Obama was mentioned only once or twice, mainly at the beginning when Mrs. Clinton announced that she was running on her own, not as a third term for either Bill Clinton or for Barack Obama.

A large bleacher was set up for the media, who were about 15% of the people there, shunting most of her other supporters – and interlopers like me – to the sides with obstructed views.  On a riser behind Mrs. Clinton and Governor McAuliffe the supporters picked to be their background for the TV cameras included about half of the dozen African Americans at the event.  The diversity included a light sprinkling of pajama boys and gays and lesbians, if my gaydar was working, but there were virtually no Hispanics or Asians.  And I think no transgenders or indigenous peoples.  After middle aged and older white women, the media were the biggest demographic.

But these old white ladies vote in high percentages, and Mrs. Clinton served up a laundry list of fossilized notions that they all agree with, a subsidy for this and a subsidy for that, stroking every old Democrat button.  That the American economy is collapsing under trillions in debt or that parts of the world are being overrun by savages – anti-woman savages who auction off young girls as sex slaves – because of Mrs. Clinton’s foreign policy failures, and sometimes armed with weapons paid for by the Obama regime – were among the many realities Clinton, McAullife and their fans continued to evade.

HIllary Clinton, Played Out and Out Played

22 Aug
A different version of this was published Saturday morning at Breitbart’s Big Government site.

For months the oft-noted hallmark of Hillary Clinton’s campaign for president was that she took no questions from reporters and held no press events aside from those with a very few hand picked friendly journalists with carefully controlled formats.

Perhaps because Donald Trump won’t stop talking to the press and because at the first GOP debate Americans learned that the other female candidate, Carly Fiorina, answers questions much more smoothly than does Mrs. Clinton, this past Tuesday, Hillary decided she would have a press conference.

And it was a disaster.

FOX News’s Ed Henry asked Mrs. Clinton if she had wiped her server clean, and she had a mild epileptic fit, rolling her eyes, bobbing her head, hunching her shoulders, and miming wiping a surface with a cloth, a form of housework she has had no experience with since she graduated law school.  She was attempting to make a joke one supposes, something she really has no talent for.  She would be better off pretending not to understand the question when she claims not to be involved with “classified” material, and answering as if she thinks she’s being asked about Bill’s Craigslist’s ads.

Besides the dishonesty and anxiety she betrayed, one detail was most telling that things were not going as planned. She has never before walked away from the cameras and allowed us to see her very broad bum and pear shaped body.  Coincidentally in an orange, Prada-does-prison, jumpsuit.

Hillary, like Bill, has always been dishonest and has surrounded herself with fellow liars and grifters, as did her husband.  

A lie is what Bill Clinton’s administration is most remembered for: “I… did… not… have… sexual… relations…with…that…woman.”

Not the Defense of Marriage Act, not preventing the CIA and FBI from cooperating with each other to apprehend terrorists, not bombing a children’s vitamin factory in Sudan, not refusing to talk to the Sudanese when they apprehended a pre-9/11 Osama bin Laden and offered to turn him over, not the bust which foreshadowed the later mortgage crisis as a sign that Clinton era prosperity was an inflationary binge. 

A lie.  And the subsequent cover up and parsing about what the meaning of “is” is.  (One internet wag produced a meme of Hillary, teeth and fists clinched, saying “I.  Did.  Not.  Have.  Textual.  Relations.  With.  That.  Server.”)

Hillary Clinton began to lose to Obama in 2008 around the time she was caught lying about braving Bosnian sniper fire.

The Obama people are not stupid.  They know exactly what Hillary and Bill Clinton are:  grifters and liars.  Jeffrey Lord has a great summation of Hillary’s life as a congenital liar.

But it goes beyond Hillary.  Her team is replete with people devoted to lies and grifting.  “Body woman” Huma Abedin is alleged to have collected extra compensation from her State Department job for vacation and overtime, while simultaneously working with companies lobbying the State Department.

Virginia Governor and Clinton minion Terry McAuliffe started a business with Hillary’s brother Tony Rodham where he used political pull to sell Visas to wealthy Asians who otherwise might have had to wait in line or be denied.

Even mid-level Clinton minions, like heiress Claire Lucas, a former Clinton political appointee in charge of LGBT issues at the Agency for International Development and now a Hillary campaign fundraiser, have been in court and the press for fudging the truth, in Ms. Lucas’s case trying to quash a D.C. subpoena to be deposed, by claiming she lived on the West Coast and couldn’t get to D.C., amusingly in a case where the Democratic National Committee was being sued by a less connected gay employee for anti-gay discrimination.

And of course, Hillary’s right hand gal, Huma, is married to the most famous prevaricator of the decade, Anthony Weiner.

The Obama regime kept Hillary close so it could watch her and record her crimes.

They knew she was a grifter and knew she would be wheeling and dealing, selling influence – uranium to Putin, who knows what else to who else.  They knew she’d need to cover it up.

That’s not to say they don’t have the similar or other means of controlling Joe Biden or John Kerry.  They may.

But with Hillary we have a whole book, Clinton Cash, on Bill and Hillary making money because they have political influence.  Hillary’s server had to be wiped (or perhaps given its location in a loft bathroom, flushed)  because among its thousands of emails there might be the prospecting, the invoices, and the bank routing instructions for all those sales.  (And one might be able to write a second volume detailing similar profiteering among her lackeys.)

Team Obama knew they’d have blackmail on her when she did, especially if they gave her enough rope, letting her bring in her own people and have her own private server.
They play better chess than she does.
Bill and Hillary only got elected the first time because of Ross Perot being a spoiler.
Now Hillary has to hope for a repeat of that.

And repetition is what we are getting, with a still skeletal, cadaverous James Carville once again coming out to deny that there is anything more than a “hill of beans” to the attacks on his mistress from the right wing conspiracists.  And all Hillary’s servants feeding talking points to the Democratic base that these are all just lies and are not a real issue.

But its not the feckless, mainly lame GOP leaking Hillary’s emails and demanding her hard drive.  Its the FBI and Obama’s Justice Department.
Hillary is going to need Trump or someone like him to run as a spoiler to win – and that’s if she doesn’t end up facing criminal charges.  Which she clearly will if she criticizes any Obama policies.  Someone in the administration has, not those fictional Bosnian snipers, but the sword of Damocles aimed at her head.

Are Republicans (and Democrats) inferior goods?

12 Nov
You might think an inferior good is something like the lesser of two evils.

It’s actually a piece of basic economics jargon.  An inferior good is a good that people buy less of as they earn higher incomes or accumulate more wealth, unlike a normal good.  For example as people earn more money they usually buy more square footage of housing (as well as buying more in terms of a higher price as they move to better locations and more luxurious construction and finishes) – housing is a normal good.  Vacation homes are a normal good; people buy more of them as they become (or in inflationist economies, believe) that they are wealthier.

Inferior goods are things like second hand mobile homes, or cheap beer, or dented bin items, or merchandise at the dollar store.  Few people buy more of these as they get wealthier.  But they buy more of them as they become poorer.

Now let’s consider what “being wealthier” means to an economist.  Ultimately it means being able to make more and more exchanges so you can trade what you have for more of the things that you want, thereby satisfying more of your desires.  So having more options is having a higher psychic income, just as having a higher monetary income tends to give you more options (since you can buy or rent a wider range of goods and services).

So the question is:  is the conventional two party election a form of poverty?

Having more options on the ballot makes voters wealthier, in that they have more options, even if they continued to choose to buy the same product.  Which is what they would do if the products they had been buying were normal goods.

But apparently the establishment parties and their candidates are not normal goods.  When you end barriers to entry to the political market, either by managing to get past the barrier to entry created by ballot access laws and getting a new party on the ballot, or by raising even a fraction of the money the establishment parties have and doing enough advertising that a small share of the marketplace of voters knows there is another product, people stop buying the product they used to buy and start buying the new product by voting for the new party.  As the recent Virginia gubernatorial race shows, this happens even when the new product (the Libertarian Party) spends $3 per customer on advertising and the old firms outspend it, paying $15-30 per consumer in advertising.

Republicans and Democrats are inferior goods.  People only buy them when they are impoverished in terms of choices and information.

When Ron Paul Lost His Moral Authority

11 Nov
In the wake of Ken Cuccinelli’s squeaker loss Tuesday the interwebs and local Virginia and DC political events are tortured by conflicts between Republicans, Libertarians, and Ron Paul and other libertarian Republicans.

For example, a former staff economist for Ron Paul’s Congressional office, and an executive at Paul’s Campaign for Liberty, not only defriended me on FaceBook, but banned me from the Virginia Campaign for Liberty group, for a tweet I made in reply to Ron Paul and for my posts defending Robert Sarvis against the Paul’s and others. (My posts in the Virginia C4L group and those of other Sarvis supporters were being censored for weeks anyway.)

The tweet that got me banned was in response to Ron Paul’s statement at a Ken Cuccinelli rally where he called all Sarvis supporters “insane,” kind of a nasty and loose and sloppy charge from a medical doctor. (Did he intend to have them committed so they could not vote?)

He apparently thought we should bow to the Pauls because of their contributions. Uh huh. As we all know from Ayn Rand and Murray Rothbard, lots of great people get a little nutty, abusive and full of themselves in their dotage. My tweet he got hissy about was this: “Ron Paul says voting for Sarvis is insane, which is a subject some would say he is an expert on.” He thought that I was claiming that Ron Paul is insane. 

He doesn’t see it as a claim that Ron Paul’s experience should make him wary of charging that (other) people are insane because they disagree with his position, since that is what happened to him his entire career.  I don’t think anyone in the Paul camp realized that’s what they were saying, because they share the general GOP delusional mentality that not only do libertarian voters belong to them, but that we are their children whom they may abuse.  (And did Dr. Paul never pay attention to his own fans – did he really think calling us names and telling us “No!” would make us follow along?)

Overall I think the Paul supporters behind Cuccinelli, with their propensity to parrot lies, betray exactly this type of (I hope temporary) rashness and lack of subtlety and intelligence.  The Paul’s wanted to centrally plan the liberty movement, and collectivize our libertarian eggs, and put them all in the Cuccinelli basket.  It was a bad investment.   The Libertarian spent less per vote than Cuccinelli did since all spending for Sarvis was $380000 and Ken spent $15 million. The GOP spent almost 45 times what the Libertarians did. But they got less than 7 times their vote. And the GOP didn’t have to first spend money to collect 18,000 signatures to get on the ballot.  So apparently Republican candidates aren’t cost effective.

The result of Ken Cuccinelli acting as a spoiler to keep the LP from getting ballot status is that now Libertarians will have to concentrate their resources again next time on getting the 10% required by the GOP coauthored ballot access law in the next gubernatorial race and do it all over again.  And Rand Paul doesn’t have have a reliable governor to support his next race.  And Ron Paul has lost his credibility with libertarians.  It’s bad timing for the Paul’s, coming in the same week when Rand Paul faces a second wave of plagiarism charges

This campaign may be a kind of watershed moment, when Ron Paul lost his moral authority and dug a new hole for Rand Paul 2016.

After a week of whining, inflantile, lying conservative Republicans, like The Blaze, Sean Hannity and Chris Plante, I forgot how retarded faux "progressives" are

8 Nov
But they are always there to remind us.

Since a few days before last Tuesday’s election, every conservative blog, every Virginia Republican activist, and every right wing talk show host, has been repeating a truly retarded article in The Blaze that deliberately creates the impression that an Austin Democrat under the direction of the Obama regime totally funded Robert Sarvis Virginia gubernatorial and got him on the ballot.

Here are the facts they omit or misreport:

1) The Virginia Libertarian Party always gets on the ballot, collecting the 10,000 plus valid signatures needed, to comply with the extremely restrictive ballot access laws the Virginia GOP helped write, laws that just last year kept every Republican candidate off the Republican primary ballot except for Mitt Romney and Ron Paul.  The LP has run gubernatorial candidates before, recently Bill Redpath of Leesburg.

2) The Blaze claims the $11,000 the Libertarian Booster PAC donated to Sarvis was his biggest campaign donation.  That is simply a lie.  He gave his own campaign $20,000.

3) And the largest expenditure in his campaign wasn’t even by his campaign, but was an independent purchase (see below) by the newly founded, all libertarian Purple PAC, of around $300,000 in radio and TV ads.

The faux “progressives” at the so called Center for “Public Integrity” is clearly shaking in and soiling its panties as much as the GOPsters, as afraid of a Libertarian candidate with some money as they are of a black man with a gun (and you can bet they are for disarming him too!).

Lets do the math for these cretins:

Sarvis got 145,762 votes and had $380,000 spent on his campaign, paying a little over $2.60 a vote.

Cuccinelli got 1,010,929 votes and had $14,230,000 spent on his campaign, paying a little over $14 a vote.

McAuliffe got 1,066,149 votes and had $22,053,041 spent on his campaign, paying just under $21 a vote.

Libertarians declare ‘mission accomplished’ in Virginia — after super PAC help

Robert Sarvis, who earned record 6.5 percent of vote, bolstered by big-dollar groups

By Michael Beckel

22 hours, 39 minutes ago Updated: 7 hours, 0 minutes ago

Two days after Virginia voters narrowly elected Democratic gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe over Republican Ken Cuccinelli, Libertarian National Committee Executive Director Wes Benedict declared “mission accomplished.”
If so, a pair of super PACs played an overriding role in the success of Libertarian Robert Sarvis, who garned a sizable 6.5 percent of the vote — the third-highest vote total for a Libertarian gubernatorial candidate in history, in any state.
In the final stretch of the campaign, a pro-Libertarian super PAC called the Purple PAC financed a media blitz, spending roughly $300,000 on TV ads — nearly $100,000 more than Sarvis’ campaign itself raised during the race.
And of the roughly $200,000 raised by Sarvis, the Libertarian Booster PACranked as his largest donor, behind Sarvis himself, at about $11,500, according to the Virginia Public Access Project.
Major donors to the Purple PAC include Kentucky horse breeder Richard Masson and billionaire options trader Jeffrey Yass, who sits on the board of the Cato Institute, as the Center for Public Integrity has previously reported.
Meanwhile, the Libertarian Booster PAC, which under Virginia law is allowed to accept unlimited contributions, was started in 2011 by Benedict. It counts Joe Liemandt — the Stanford University dropout who founded and runs the software company Trilogy — as its largest donor this year.
That relationship has earned Sarvis and the PAC ire from the likes of Rush Limbaugh toKarl Rove in recent days.
The reason for their fury: Liemandt and his wife Andra have deep financial ties not only to the Libertarian Party, but also to Democrats including President Barack Obama.
For instance, Andra Liemandt was credited by as bundling $326,000 for Obama’s 2012 re-election efforts, according to documents obtained by the New York Times. Federal Election Commission records show the couple alone donated $156,700 to the Obama Victory Fund, which boosted Obama’s campaign, the Democratic National Committee and Democratic parties in battleground states like Virginia.
The Liemandts together also donated about $141,000 to the Libertarian National Committee between 2008 and 2012, according to a Center for Public Integrity review of FEC records.
In a press release issued Thursday afternoon. Benedict argued that Sarvis should not be called a spoiler by Republicans.
“My hope with the Robert Sarvis campaign was for the election to be close between the Democrat and Republican, with the Libertarian getting more votes than in previous elections,” said Benedict
“I want Libertarians to win elections,” Benedict continued. “But I also want them to run for office even when they’re unlikely to win. Why? To get the public to discuss and consider libertarian principles.”
Both McAuliffe and Cuccinelli also benefited from spending by independent groups, although not to the same extent as Sarvis. And for his part, McAuliffe raised about $33 million, while Cuccinelli raised $18 million.
Update Nov. 8, 2013, 10:16 a.m.: Purple PAC President Ed Crane — a former chairman of the Libertarian National Committee and founder of the Cato Institute — told the Center for Public Integrity that his group’s extra boost was a “healthy thing” for the Virginian electorate, which got to hear from a candidate with a “socially tolerant agenda” who also favors “lower taxes and less business regulations.”
Like Benedict, he challenged the notion that Sarvis’ campaign was a boon to McAuliffe.
“This idea that libertarians are automatically taking votes away from Republicans is just not true,” he said.
Crane added that if Purple PAC had started earlier and had $5 million at its disposal, instead of a few hundred thousand, Sarvis “could have got a quarter of the vote.”

The Sarvis/McAulliffe/Cuccinelli Race – Point/Counterpoint

19 Oct
(We may update this as we find other interesting posts on the net…)

Dear Friend — 

This weekend, I had the honor of delivering the Weekly Republican Address, a response to President Obama’s Radio Address to Americans across the country. If you missed my address, you can view it here

Our nation is facing tremendous challenges, and citizens are seeking leaders who are willing to speak out for our first principles and stand up to the federal government, which is eating away at our liberty and crushing opportunity. 
There is no better example of the extreme government overreach than Obamacare. Let me be plain and simple about this: Obamacare takes away our liberty. 
That’s why I stood up to fight it. With less than three weeks left until Virginia’s Election Day, I need you support more than ever. Will you chip in today to help support my fight against Obamacare?
As the next Governor of Virginia, you can be assured that I will never stray from protecting our first principles and our liberty. 
I know that many Americans like you, Friend, are deeply concerned about what kind of country we will hand to our children and grandchildren. That’s why your support during these final days is so important.
I promise that I’ll do my part in Virginia, but I need you to help me.
I know that together we can make America better tomorrow than it is today.
On to Victory,
Ken Cuccinelli

“A” (a Cuccinelli supporting libertarian Republican))

Vote for Starvis, get Terry elected, way to not win for liberty. 

“This election is about a GOP run by Ken and the grassroots conservatives vs a GOP run by establishment big govt non-conservatives like Bill Boiling”- Chris Doss 

I get it that you guys don’t care about reforming the GOP, but I think Ron Paul cares about reforming the GOP and getting more of our guys on the field is what matters. I think the GOP it is our way to win and gain influence in this broken system we are forced to deal with. You can’t win while spending all your time and energy just trying to just get ballot access. I’d like to echo the notion of a house divided falls. 

Maybe you don’t think Ken is “pure” enough, but nobody ever is, nobody is perfect. 

We have to much at risk, in my opinion, and John I don’t doubt your commitment to liberty but supporting the LP this time is just not a smart political tactic.

Does anyone care that Ken has multiple COMMITTED Ron Paul supporters on his staff? Driving him around for the past year none the less? Spending more time with him than even his wife? Personnel is policy folks. Change doesn’t happen overnight. 
“R” (a non-libertarian gay DC voter)

I was interested to note, by the way, that a Politico poll —
shows that McAuliffe’s margin actually goes up slightly in a hypothetical two-man race against Cuccinelli. So Sarvis is not serving as a spoiler. A friend of mine said it is a pity that Cuccinelli (whose name, according to Dan Savage, sounds like vagina-shaped pasta) is so extreme, because he would like a better alternative to the soulless hack carrying the banner for the Democrats. Of course Sarvis does offer an alternative; whether he is better depends on one’s beliefs on the proper role and boundaries of government, and perhaps also on one’s assessment of character as it affects performance of one’s public duties.
Given the forces pulling apart the GOP from within, there will likely be more third alternatives as we go along. The question is how well organized they will be, and whether they can appeal to a broader slice of the electorate. I have long found libertarian ideas useful in raising a question that D.C.’s local legislators seldom even consider: whether it is the government’s proper business to boss its citizens on a particular matter. The idea of boundaries is as foreign a concept on the left as on the right. This is too important for it to remain the province of snarky blogging and fringe candidates.
“A” – a Cuccinelli supporting libertarian Republican

Just now, I received great news.

I’m thrilled to have the support of Congressman Ron Paul. A true warrior in defense of our liberty and first principles. Thank you, Ron for all you have done for our country.

I welcome and encourage you to read Congressman Paul’s endorsement by clicking here or visiting:

Ken Cuccinelli

“D” – a Libertarian for Sarvis

Still voting for Sarvis. All due respect to Dr. Paul – and he deserves a LOT – but I’m on the other side of the culture wars from Cuccinelli. A government that asserts that it has any business inside vaginas, bedrooms, or in regulating sacraments – like marriage – is an unlimited government.

“J” – an undecided libertarian voter

Ken’s fiscal platform doesn’t even advocate the rollback of the biggest tax hike in all VA history, he refused to take the “no tax hike” pledge, he has pledged to not fight the tax hike / transportation plan, all in order to get some money from Richmond lobbyists and NoVA rent-seekers.  He doesn’t believe in constitutional carry, and had to be coached in order to get a passable grade from VCDL.

 So what do newly-minted inside the beltway libertarian activists do with what they learned in “real nature of politics” when “their guy” starts turning on them?  Of course they chuck that political wisdom faster than you can say “access-based”.  Sure, you get the photo ops with Ken, but its a big mistake.      
Whatever Sarvis represents to some doesn’t matter, nor does what “VA liberty folks on Facebook”, or this email list, think matter, statistically.  What matters is getting KEN to paint in bold colors NOW (actually a year ago), so that general liberty voters believe him.  That means getting in his face, telling him to finally get that he screwed up, and telling him he needs to do a Hail Mary now, tossing out some serious red meat, if he wants to answer the Sarvis challenge.  A great one that would look evolutionary from his current posture would be Marijuana decriminalization.  Instead, this small coterie is playing the “we’re with you Ken tribal ritual”.  It feels good, I’m sure, but it won’t get Ken over the 50 yard line.  

Dear Sarvis Supporters:

This message is a call out for volunteers to attend festivals and events where we would like to have an official Sarvis for Governor presence!  Below, you will see events which will be taking place in your region before Election Day.  For a more comprehensive listing of events, please visit our website HERE.

 October 19 from 11AM-5PM

WHERE: See website for details

*Hosted by Chad Thevenot

WHEN: October 20 1-3PM
WHERE: 2105 Haycock Road, Falls Church, VA 22043


WHEN: October 25-27
WHERE: Mountainview High School


Bring your family, friends, colleagues or anyone else who might be interested in spreading the word about Robert Sarvis and his bold plan for Virginia!   If you already have materials that you would like to hand out, feel free to do so!  If you NEED something to hand out, you may print off our event flyer by using the link below.

Please make sure that you “like” us on Facebook and check our event page regularly for a list of current happenings.  We are always looking for supporters to create smaller events that increase voter awareness and name recognition. If you would like to set up a sign wave or other event to show people that they have a third (and better) option, just send me a suggested time and place and we will work to have something up on our Facebook page and email supporters in your area.

We appreciate your support and look forward to earning your vote this November!

Sarvis Campaign Team

Will Terry McAuliffe’s Green Dole Carpetbaggers Stripmine Virginia Taxpayers?

9 Oct
Democratic gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe’s fraudulent green companies, that bilked taxpayers to fund his company that then produced no products, but sold VISAs to Chinese investors, is well known.

But a group of crony capitalist green business people are hoping to elect him so they can also stripmine the Virginia taxpayers.  And they aren’t even Virginia residents!

Are they hoping to bring DC and Maryland levels of economic decline and dependence on government to Virginia?

Dan Yates, one Opower founder, lives in the 1600 block of Hobart Street in DC’s Mt. Pleasant neighborhood

Alex Laskey, his Opower co-founder, sweetly owns a house a block away, in the 1700 block, though his FaceBook page announces he moved to Brooklyn NY in September

Anya Schoolman is their DC/Mt. Pleasant neighbor a few blocks away on Lamont Street!  (Mt. Pleasant should maybe secede and join Virginia?)

Ken Stadlin, of Kenergy, lives in the Annapolis, MD area town of Millersville


A VAEI Event with Terry McAuliffe

Posted by Va Advanced Energy Industries 13sc on September 11, 2013 · Flag


Tony Clifford
Standard Solar
Kerinia Cusick
Sun Edison
Nick Giannotti
Lighthouse Solar
Scott Hennessey
Solar City
Mike Healy
Skyline Innovations
Francis Hodsoll
E&E Frontiers
James Huff
Abakus Solar
Paul Risberg
Alt Energy
Anya Schoolman
Community Power Network
Scott Sklar
Stella Solar
Tony Smith
Secure Futures
Ken Stadlin
Kenergy Solar
Joel Meister
Solar Grid Storage
Jon Hillis
Prospect Solar
Jim Kapsis

Dan Yates
Alex Laskey


Invites You To A Virginia Advanced Energy Industries PAC Event
With Special Guest Terry McAuliffe

Terry-at-the-Port.jpgJoin VAEI PAC and Terry McAuliffe, the Democratic nominee for governor for this special event. Meet the only Virginia gubernatorial candidate who supports energy jobs of the future, not the entrenched interests of the past.

Together, we’ll move our industry forward and showcase the strength of our collective voice.

*Candidate McAuliffe is scheduled to attend the full Host Committee reception, which begins at 5 p.m., and beginning of main event.
To pay for your ticket(s) online, please select your preference below. To RSVP and pay with a check on the day of the event, please click here.

Host Committee Reception begins at 5:00 p.m.
October 02, 2013 at 6pm – 7:30pm
Venue Provided Upon RSVP
Arlington, VA 22201
United States
Google map and directions

Will you come?

 $250.00 Individual 
Get behind Terry McAuliffe’s campaign and demonstrate the strength of Virginia’s advanced energy sector.
 $500.00 Benefactor 
Support Virginia’s new energy governor.
 $1,500.00 Host 
Join the host committee. Includes a private reception with Terry McAuliffe before the public event begins.
 $3,000.00 Sponsor 
Sponsor the event. Ticket price includes a private reception with Terry McAuliffe before the public event begins.

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