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Has Obama’s NSA been attacking this blog?

13 Jun

I just realized a few weeks ago over at The Humble Libertarian they were discussing how my blogs are sometimes tossed into a black hole:
The Insomniac Libertarian: Did Hillary Clinton Commit Perjury During A Line of Questioning By Rand Paul?

And is she involved in Washington-led operations to arm Syrian rebel groups that include radical Islamic Jihadists, even members of Al Qaeda? Bruce Majors does some deep digging into this story at The Insomniac Libertarian. Check it out.

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Whether I use your link or go through google, it says that THE WHOLE BLOG WAS REMOVED! 

“Check out my Survivalist Blog at the Clever Survivalist and read daily Survival Guide content.”

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Thanks for letting me know. How strange! 

Bruce, you around? Any information on this?
It’s back. Odd.
Yes Blogger makes any blog by me disappear periodically, often on Friday night through mid Saturday. 

Then they appear a day later. 

Because of this I now have near mirror images on WordPress, including for Insomniac Libertarian, which I Mack up or import every few days. 

I’m not an IT person, but I also have rather constant attacks on my gmail, including one day where I could see in my browser that I was being logged out of gmail while using it via the affiliated BruceMajors YouTube account. I’d change the password and it would happen again 20 minutes later. All day.