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Kentucky’s Thomas Massie

15 Feb
Part of our local libertarian posse attended the FreedomWorks Happy Hour this week where we met newly elected, Ron and eventually Rand Paul endorsed freshman Kentucky Congressman Thomas Massie and some of his staff.

He was very impressive.
Congressman Massie has undergraduate and graduate degrees from MIT in engineering and has previously been elected as a county executive, where he cut spending and prevented tax increases.  His budget cutting measures locally included buying hot water heaters for the local jail on line on E-bay and installing them himself for half the cost of the bid of the local plumber.  He built his own house from scratch, with its own well and generator, on his farm, which is the farm his wife had lived on as a child.  When I observed that he was the original “prepper” Massie and his chief of staff did not know what I meant.  They don’t have TVs in their homes.
It’s obvious if a liberal Democrat from some rural district had built their own home, had degrees from MIT, and installed hot water heaters to save the taxpayer’s money, they’d be profiled in endless “Style” sections.


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