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Can’t get to sleep? Watch the Libertarian Party of Virginia discuss whether to expel a local affiliate

26 Nov
Leaders of the Tidewater chapter of the Libertarian Party of Virginia endorsed another party’s gubernatorial candidate.  But then one resigned and one apologized.  But only after using LP mailing lists etc. to do the endorsement.

So the LPVA decided to de-certify or censure them.  But then it turned out they had actually neglected to re-certify themselves anyway, as had every other local affiliate.

And they are about to have new elections early next year anyway for chapter officers.

Lots of unhappiness, largely along lines of who is or is not comfortable with Republicans, and who was previously a Democrat or a Republican.  It seemed to me that although men and former Republicans were all over the map, gay guys and women were all upset with faux Libertarian Republican wannabees (even those gays or women who had previously been Republicans or even GOP officeholders).

Two people discussed the issue without taking a position on the motions:  gubernatorial candidate Robert Sarvis and State Chair Chuck Moulton.  After several hours of discussion, the LPVA state central committee chose to just wait for the next officer election of the local affiliate and see if the current officers aren’t all replaced.