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The video said to have gotten Lauren Southern thrown out of the Canadian Libertarian Party

25 Nov

She re-tweeted it and that was a no-no.

Wonder what will happen to me?

I haven’t listened to it all yet, and I am hoping it gets funnier.

I don’t think TokenLibertarianGirl should feel threatened yet,

Breaking News – Token Libertarian Girl Learns to Write, takes over FreedomWorks in Putsch

6 Jan
For years many have assumed Token Libertarian Girl, aka Julie Borowski, had taken to vlogging because of a learning disability that left her unable to read and write.

Apparently this was a clever ruse by a truly Machavellian political strategist.

While much of D.C. was shut down by crippling snow and power outages, Borowski and her associates seized control of FreedomWorks today, displacing Matt Kibbe as CEO of the group, supplanting him as the writer of FreedomWorks‘s twice daily fundraising appeals.  The Borowski faction had been planning a coup for some time, but seized the opportunity of a city paralyzed by weather when they found an old box of guns left behind by former FreedomWorks founder Dick Armey in a storage closet.


John Boehner isn’t doing everything he can to defend your civil liberties.
In fact, last year when Rep. Thomas Masssie passed an amendment to protect your liberty and block the NSA’s unconstitutional spying, Speaker Boehner cut a backroom deal and made sure the amendment never became law.

This cannot stand. We have less than two hours to stop John Boehner from being Speaker of the House. We need a Speaker that will stand up for your liberty – not crush it.
Get on the phone right now. Tell these congressmen to vote replace John Boehner as Speaker.

We’re running out of time to protect our freedom.

Julie Borowski

Policy Analyst, FreedomWorks

Kibbe and his wife Terry are said to be safe, but under house arrest, in their Capitol Hill home on 3rd Street.

20 Of The Hottest Libertarian Women Alive

22 Jun
20 Of The Hottest Libertarian Women Alive | Liberty Viral

I might do a version of this in the next few months for the 20 hottest Libertarian guys (if you see me at the hotel pool at the Libertarian National Convention next week taking your photo now you know why).