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How to commit voter fraud on your summer vacation

29 Aug
It’s rather obvious that voter fraud is common in the United States.

Libertarians are of course not surprised that democracy is corrupted.  Democracy, as opposed to constitutional rule of law, is inherently self-contradictory.  “Majorities” can vote to disenfranchise hundreds of thousands of people, like those convicted of violating drug prohibition laws.  Such disenfranchisement is also clearly discriminatory (in the case of drug laws disproportionately disenfranchising blacks and men).  Modern “democracy” also tends to crony corporatism, with the ruling class buying votes and bribing donors with money stolen from tax serfs, and suppressing opposition organizing with IRS and other regulatory agency intimidation.

Outright voter fraud almost certainly decides some elections in closely contested jurisdictions, like “Senator” Stuart Smiley’s win  by only a few hundred votes in Minnesota, where the hijinks included bags full of uncounted ballots in the trunk of an election official’s car.  Or those Pennsylvania counties where election observors were ejected from polling places, or Boston precincts where over 100% of the voters voted.

It’s a bipartisan game, with Democrats doing most of it and a  Republican occasionally pitching in.  But why shouldn’t we make it multi-partisan?  The Democrats do it to steal elections when the polling is too close; but Libertarians could do it just for pranksterish fun, or to get your vote total over the minimums to get past the ballot access hurdles Demopublicans have used for decades to make you waste your entire campaign budget just collecting signatures to get on the ballot.  Here’s how!

As you know, no one is ever asked for an ID in America to vote.  (Of course as every college student knows, obtaining a fake ID is no problem anyway.)  All you need to do to vote is to know a name and know what address it is registered at, and request a ballot at the precinct where that name is registered, or an absentee ballot in advance.  You may also be able to register fictional or dead people at your own address.

Here’s one easy way to not use your own address though.  (After all you may want to run for office so you don’t want a scandal.  And you don’t want to be charged with a crime.)  Thanks to Obama and the Keynesians in both parties, there are scads of abandoned homes, foreclosures, sometimes for sale, with addresses and mailboxes.  Pick one, maybe in an adjacent county or state.  Maybe one having an election in a year when your own jurisdiction is not.  For example this year there are elections in Virginia and New Jersey.  If you live in West Virginia, Tennessee, Delaware or New York, you could register to vote at an empty house — abandoned, for sale, foreclosed on — and just drive by and pick up the voter registration card when it arrives a week or two later in the otherwise unused mailbox.  And then, if you want to vote early, pick up the absentee ballot in the same way.  States don’t check to see if you (or someone with the same name) is registered in another jurisdiction.  In our experience they don’t even inform your previous state’s board of elections of your new registration in another state even when you move, re-register, and tell them where you used to vote and ask that they do so.  Of course for the more upscale voter, you may also use the address of the beach house or mountain cabin where you take your vacation.  Just register by mail or online a few days before you arrive, and then get your voter registration card or absentee ballot in the mail while you are on vacation.

So why not vote for the Libertarians in New Jersey and Virginia, even if you don’t live there?  The Democrats do it every year.  You aren’t fully enfranchised unless you are as engaged as they are.