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DC corporate media censoring news coverage of Libertarian candidates

17 Sep
It does seem like there is going to be a local DC media blackout of the Libertarians, by

WMAL — where most of the on air talent claim to be libertarian-leaning, but never mention any DC or Virginia Libertarian candidates, except to attack them the day after the election, as they did Robert Sarvis when he ran for Governor in 2013.  WMAL seems to have orders from its corporate owners to push Cuccinelli, Gillespie and Catania and never mention or interview Libertarians.  Is it a Republican thing or do they just like Italians?
Washington City Paper – ran a long article when we only had three candidates recruited, perhaps mainly so they could say Libertarians are all nerdy white guys.  Now that we have 9 candidates, including black and brown and gay and female candidates, they don’t cover them much, especially any Libertarian candidate of color;
The Washington Post – where pretty much every reporter except Michael DeBonis reports that there are are only 3 candidates (including my friend Carol Schwartz who has little chance of being elected), and occasionally even mentions the Green Party candidate, but have stopped mentioning Libertarians especially me.
(The gay press, MetroWeekly and the Washington Blade, are covering us.  I believe the Washingtonian is going to as well.)

Of course, most local coverage is essentially sports coverage — who is up, who is down.  Or it’s just about who is white or black or gay or unmarried.  Nothing about ideas or policies.  These are the same people who never exposed any corruption in DC until Tim Day and other private citizens brought it to light.  Who have never looked at who donates hundreds of thousands to all our incumbents from Eleanor Holmes Norton down, and whether it correlates with committees they sit on and votes they take.

So, we have to raise money and bypass them.  We’ve distributed around 6,000 brochures and I just got another 4,000 door knockers on school choice that we will be going door to door with.  Our website goes live this week (if you don’t get a snail mail fundraising letter you can give there when it is up).
We will be campaigning mainly on 5 issue areas (vaguely in order of emphasis) :
1) radically expanded school choice to address DC’s failed schools.  DC currently budgets $29,000 per pupil for public school students, but only $17,000 for charter schools and even less for students who use an opportunity voucher to attend an independent school.  This is the subject of the door knocker we are distributing now.  We want voters to vote Libertarian to signal to the DC political class that they want unequal and discriminatory funding against charter schools to end.
2) refocusing criminal justice on real crime – people are being assaulted for appearing to be gay, for having an Iphone, etc. all over town – a libertarian just last week in NoMa – while DC prosecutes alleged prostitutes and other victimless crimes and sets up ticket trap surveillance cameras.  In addition DC residents who go to federal prison are shipped around the country where their relatives cannot find them (we have no local prison), and we have DC residents who cannot get jobs because of their criminal record for involvement in victimless crimes.
3) pointing out all the ways DC keeps people without law degrees from getting a job, starting a business, or becoming wealthy, by making it illegal for them to start a school, cook and sell food, braid hair, provide day care, etc. etc.
4) encouraging voters to vote for the marijuana legalization initiative, including people who are usually non-voters, and while they are at it voting Libertarian for candidates who would push that issue.
5) calling for an end to DC policies that restrict the supply of housing, driving up rents and causing homelessness, including limiting the height of buildings (so the city is filled up with 10 story buildings to meet our growing housing demand, since no once can build a 40 or 50 story one) and regulating owners of smaller multi-unit buildings with moderately priced apartments so that they sell out to condo and apartment developers and leave the DC market to invest in Virginia.
If we end up getting more donations this month we may do internet and radio ads, as well as more door knockers.  We will also be doing more substantial responses to and alternatives to the welcome platforms some of the other candidates have finally put out.
As always, the dollars per vote spent by Libertarians will be far less and far more efficient than the incumbent candidates.  They’ve already spent $4 million, which means they’ve already spent way over $10 per vote, which is even more than Democrats and Republicans usually spend (often around $3 per vote).  Libertarians typically spend less than $1 per vote, since we don’t receive corporate, union, or PAC donations.

This Week’s Leftover Smear Merchantry – WaPo’s Paul Waldman

15 Aug
That Mr. Bezos is so nice to offer jobs to so many retarded Americans.  A gimp named Paul Waldman complained that Rand Paul had not spoken on the Ferguson, MO killing of an innocent (African American) man. [ Senator Paul did later speak out about it before President Obama did, and also wrote a piece for TIME magazine.]

The presumption is that Rand or Ron Paul are the sum total of libertarian voices, and that the libertarian twittersphere and blogosphere that Waldman and other stalinoids are ignorant of doesn’t exist.  Sean Malone took him to task.

  • Sean Malone 

    “Dear Mr. Waldman,

    You’re kidding with this, right? You’re just here to troll the Washington Post readership with some satire, yes? 

    You claim that ‘libertarians” aren’t talking about Ferguson… But Radley Balko, a libertarian journalist who has spent about 20 years fighting police abuses and who’s work actually contributed directly to freeing Cory Maye from death row ( and who has absolutely talked about it at length, works for the Washington Post! 

    In case you weren’t aware, that’s the same newspaper that published your stunted excuse for an article.

    Also, Reason, the widely circulated print & online libertarian news magazine (where Balko used to work, by the way) has covered the events as they’ve unfolded in Ferguson extensively. Read this for example:…/officer-who-shot-mike-brown-might…. Likewise, “The Independents”, a libertarian news show on Fox Business with which you’re obviously unfamiliar, is also covering the story and I believe will have guests on to talk about it tonight.

    As an active libertarian myself, I can say anecdotally that my entire social-media sphere is blowing up with posts about Ferguson, MO as well since Michael Brown was shot. All, by the way, decrying the state of police violence in the country and supporting the feelings and ultimate aims (if not the specific violent/damaging actions) of the rioters and outraged people of the town.

    But I guess doing the 5 minutes of Googling it would have taken to find out any of this was too difficult?

    Perhaps next time you should try and find a shred of journalistic integrity and – oh, I don’t know – actually learn a little bit about your subject matter before posting such idiotic tripe… Not that you will. Better yet, you and your editors should simply never be employed in the news business by anyone.

    Good day, you mentally incompetent hack.”

    A cop is dead, an innocent man may be on death row, and drug warriors keep knocking down doors.

  • Sean Malone Waldman:

    “I’d encourage you to read the actual piece, and to read Balko’s blog. If you do those two things, you’ll find out that I mentioned Reason’s coverage of the Ferguson case, and you’ll also find that Balko hasn’t actually written about the Ferguson case yet, though I’m sure he will eventually.”

  • Sean Malone Me again:

    “Thanks. I did read the actual piece. Balko hasn’t written a piece for WaPo yet, but he’s written several things on social media (where he has a sizeable following) about it. That doesn’t count? 

    Your article slanders a massive group of people whose actual work in this area has far outpaced that of basically any major progressive/liberal group in this country, and instead of focusing on the libertarian community’s lengthy history of excellent work on police militarization, police abuse, and specifically the way in which police power is used more aggressively against minority communities, you try to paint us all as hypocrites and insinuate a disdain for the poor and possibly minority communities instead. And all because two politicians wouldn’t immediately get back to you with a public statement about something that is extremely politically sensitive. 

    Surely you realize how utterly disingenuous your article is. It’s some of the shittiest, most underhanded journalism I’ve ever read and as a libertarian, I’m pretty used to smear-campaigns from ignorant partisan blowhards at this point.”

Can the lisping little bird survive outside the nest?

24 Jan
Why The Washington Post passed on Ezra Klein

Ezra is being replaced by the libertarian blog by the Volokh brothers.

Washington Post angers gay community by Potemkin Village "news"

18 Oct
Perhaps this will get blamed on Jeff Bezos’ “libertarianism,” which is not noticeable yet in the editorial or opinion pages, but the Post seems to be in bed with the Russian government.

But then, according to Diane West’s new book on communist infiltration of the federal government, that may not be new.

Washington Post publishes pro-Russia supplement

By  on October 16, 2013
Washington Post, Russia, Kremlin, gay news, Washington Blade

The Washington Post on October 9 ran a paid supplement from a Kremlin-backed Russian newspaper.
The Washington Post’s Oct. 9 print edition included a paid supplement produced by a Kremlin-backed newspaper that lacked any references to the ongoing controversy over Russia’s LGBT rights record.
Rossiyskaya Gazetá produced the insert – Russia Beyond the Headlines – that contained, among other things, an op-ed from Jeffrey Mankoff of the Center for Strategic and International Studies in D.C. He cited portions of the speech that Russian President Vladimir Putin delivered during a meeting of the Valdai International Discussion Club, a Russian think tank, that took place last month.
“Discussing his own view of Russian identity, Putin criticized the West for abandoning its Christian roots and ‘placing on the same level families with many children and single-sex partnerships, belief in God and belief in Satan,’” Putin said, according to Mankoff. “This cultural relativity, according to Putin, is ‘a direct path to degradation and primitivization, to a deep demographic and ethical crisis.’”
The Oct. 9 supplement is not the first time the Washington Post has published a Russia-specific insert.
The newspaper first published a Russia-themed supplement – Russia Now – in 2007.
Russia Beyond the Headlines said in a press release last month it decided earlier this year to redesign and revamp the supplement. It reappeared under the aforementioned name in the Washington Post’s Sept. 11 issue with a lead story that focused on the controversy surrounding the Russian law that bans gay propaganda to minors.
The article quoted Lyudmila Alexeyeva of the Moscow Helsinki Group, an organization that monitors human rights in Russia, as describing the statute that Putin signed in June as “a step toward the Middle Ages.” The Sept. 11 supplement reported Kirill Kobrin of Radio Free Europe’s Russia Service said he feels “it was unthinkable to even discuss these issues 20 years ago in Russia.”
“Under the Kremlin’s lead, LGBT rights are the focus of public attention and debate in Russia – albeit censored debate,” the Russia Beyond the Headlines article reads.
The New York Times on Sept. 18 published an eight-page Russia Beyond the Headlines supplement that contained articles about the gay propaganda law and coming out in the country. Putin reiterated his opposition to air strikes in Syria in an op-ed that ran in the newspaper less than a week earlier.
Ketchum PR, a public relations firm that represents Putin, placed it in the New York Times. Pro Publica reported the New York-based company received more than $1.9 million in fees and expense reimbursements from the Russian government from December 2012 through May.
The New York Times included another Russia supplement in its Oct. 16 print edition that contained an article on the arrest of 30 Greenpeace members last month who tried to board a Russian oil platform. The insert also contained a reference to the LGBT advocates who protested Russia’s gay rights record during the Metropolitan Opera’s opening night gala in New York last month.
Washington Post spokesperson Jennifer Lee declined to tell the Washington Blade how much the Russia Beyond the Headlines insert cost, but she confirmed it was a paid supplement and the advertiser provided the content. It contained a disclosure on the front page that said “it did not involve the news or editorial departments of the Washington Post.”
The top margin of each subsequent page contained a disclosure that stated the insert was “a paid supplement to the Washington Post.”
Observers and even journalists themselves have questioned the way Russian media outlets have covered the gay propaganda law, Russia’s LGBT rights record and the controversy surrounding it.
Gay American journalist Jamie Kirchick on Aug. 21 challenged Russia’s LGBT rights recordduring an interview with the Kremlin-backed television network RT on the sentencing of former U.S. Army private Chelsea Manning to 35 years in prison for leaking classified documents to Wikileaks.
“Being here on a Kremlin-funded propaganda network I’m going to wear my gay pride suspenders and I’m going to speak out against the horrific anti-gay legislation that Vladimir Putin has signed into law, that passed unanimously by the Russian Duma that criminalizes homosexual propaganda,” Kirchick told anchor Yulia Shapovalova. “It effectively makes it illegal to talk about homosexuality in public. We’ve seen a spate of violent attacks on gay people in Russia.”
RT aired a segment on calls to boycott the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, in response to the country’s LGBT rights record less than two weeks before Kirchick appeared on the network to discuss Manning. The journalist further criticized Shapovalova and her colleagues before RT took him off the air.
Anton Krasovsky, the former editor-in-chief of the pro-Kremlin Kontr TV, said the television station fired him in January after he came out as gay during a segment on the gay propaganda law.
The Washington Post in recent weeks has published a number of stories on the controversy over Russia’s LGBT rights record and how it threatens to overshadow the Sochi games. These include a Sept. 26 article on the International Olympic Committee’s position that it has no authority to challenge the gay propaganda law and Alex Ovechkin of the Washington Capitals’ response to a question about it during the lighting of the Olympic torch in Greece late last month. founder Jeff Bezos, who bought the Washington Post in August and contributed $2.5 million to a group that backed a successful 2012 ballot measure that secured marriage rights for same-sex couples in Washington State, did not return the Blade’s request for comment.
Kelly McBride of the Poynter Institute, a media ethics watchdog, told the Blade that paid supplements and advertorials have become common in newspapers. She noted the Washington Post’s use of different fonts throughout the Russia Beyond the Headlines supplement is “common practice” and “is amazingly effective at cueing regular readers to advertising content.”
“Combined with the disclosures, it looks to me the [Washington Post] is within the standard practice of the industry,” McBride said.

Terry McAuliffe corruption cover up by Washington Post

15 Aug


On Saturday, The Washington Post ran 

a lengthy article on Virginia Democratic 

gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe’s 

controversial ties with the failed green car 

company GreenTech. For the story, the Post 

interviewed a bevy of individuals associated 

with GreenTech, including four interviewed in 

Citizens United’s documentary on McAuliffe, 

Fast Terry: Barbara Tuchel, local activist and 

former candidate for Tunica County’s Board 

of Supervisors; Charles Overstreet, former 

GreenTech employee; Melvin Griffen, former 

GreenTech employee; and Rev. McKinely Daley, 

of the Tunica Coujnty’s Board of Supervisors.

The Post’s story did admit that “a review of 
hundreds of public records and interviews with
 former employees and public officials in 
Virginia and Mississippi indicate that 
McAuliffe’s promises to create thousands 
of American jobs and millions of American-made
 cars have fallen short.”
But the story comes up short of calling GreenTech 
what it was: a crony capitalist deal between local 
authorities and high-ranking friends of high-ranking 
Democrats. The story also ignores Fast Terry itself, 
which has raised the issue of GreenTech on a national
 scale, even though the story interviews many of the 
same subjects as Fast Terry. 

Unlimited digital access — "Washington Post" bends over and even provides you with lube and a glove!

9 Aug

"They don’t like black people" – Matty Yglesias evicts Afro-centric business

23 Jun
I often blog, because it is like shooting fish in a barrel, about white, and even black and Latino, limousine liberals in DC who smear everyone else as racist while living in only the most lily white DC (or DC suburban) zip codes – in a majority black city: Jonathan Chait and all the NPR bigwigs in Chevy Chase, DC, Chris Matthews in Chevy Chase, Maryland, Jay Carney and Hilary Rosen in Palisades, David Gregory in Foxhall, Andrea Mitchell in Kent-Berkeley (so very white most black and even most white DC residents don’t know what or where that is, and her only black neighbor is a multimillionairess who married an even wealthier white man), Eugene Robinson and Chuck Todd in north Arlington, Dana Milbanks and almost every other national journalist in Cleveland Park, David Brock and one of the Podesta brothers in Kalorama (where the only people of color are either the help or ambassadors from Africa and Asia).  It’s what economists call demonstrated preference – it’s the walk you walk, not the talk you talk.

But sometimes the leftovers and proglodytes hurl their charges of racism from somewhat less segregated homesteads, at least in a snapshot sense.  Neighborhoods that are temporarily integrated because the non-black well paid agents of Big Government are still displacing the black working class.  As the federal government, and liberal billionaires and multimillionaires like George Soros and the lobbyist Podesta brothers, import mainly white technocrats and lawyers with 6 and even 7 figure salaries into DC, waves of gentrification displace the original working class African American population.  Huma Abedin and Anthony Weiner, Karen Finney and other Democrat pols and flaks live in gleaming lofts built on what used to be black neighborhoods.

And joining them is Matthew Yglesias.  He recently bought a lovely new million dollar condo, which provoked some discussion about how well it pays to promote the leftover agenda.  This week he’s being paid to say Rand Paul is a white supremacist, because Rand Paul might just think there is a way to address bigotry in a multicultural society other than the Democrat Party’s failed model of a drug war, failed segregated public schools, the sacred cow of the Civil Rights Act, and selling poor black and brown kids to the educrat cartels to get donations for Democratic candidates.  Ironically, Yglesias home is erected on the grave of DC’s black majority, now down to 49% and shrinking – his home is the former location of  Damali African Wear.

Wonder if he’s seen Poltergeist?

(A side note: Yglesias did actually participate in a panel recently on how government regulation drives up the cost of housing for poor and moderate income people.  And he should be concerned about how government programs increase poverty and social ills – he’s been mugged once so far when walking home from visiting some poorer, libertarian, journalists who live in a less gentrified neighborhood.)

7 Democrats, 1 Republican on Special Election ballot; AP and Washington Post get names wrong

27 Jan

How embarrassing for the Post and the Associated Press. I know all those Jewish names sound alike, but the candidate is Paul Zuckerberg (pictured in photo on far left), not Paul Zuckerman. I bet if you look at his petitions or the handy tweets the DC Board of Elections provides you can get the names right.

8 candidates submit petitions to run in special election for open DC Council seat

WASHINGTON — Eight candidates have submitted petitions to run for an open D.C. Council seat in a special election this spring.
The deadline to submit petitions was 5 p.m. Wednesday. Candidates must collect signatures from 3,000 registered voters in the district to appear on the ballot.

The election will fill the at-large seat vacated by Phil Mendelson when he became council chairman last year. Democrat Anita Bonds is filling the seat on an interim basis and is among the candidates who turned in petitions.
The D.C. Board of Elections says former councilmember Michael A. Brown also submitted petitions. So did Republican school board member Patrick Mara, who finished second in a nine-person special election in 2011.
The other candidates are Matthew Frumin, Perry Redd, John Settles, Elissa Silverman and Paul Zukerman.
Copyright 2013 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.