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The Latest Leftover Brain Fart – Poison Government Supplied Water a Plot by Libertarians

3 Aug
Despite governments spending trillions to regulate health and safety, kids are shot at schools, bridges and tunnels collapse, imported pet food and toys are poison, plants and workplaces explode.

And government monopoly municipal water authorities supply bacteria, lead and toxin laced water.  At the leftover blog Americans Against the Tea Party they are blaming this on Libertarians.  AATP is itself a toxin, one of several websites, like Addicting Info, that have a stable of unknown, bio-less writers and dark funding (SEIU?  Podesta’s?), that spam people with dozens of fallacy smeared articles every day.

And their masters give us poison government monopoly water.  Back in 2004 in Washington, DC they even threatened to fire their employees if they went public about it.  Eric Holder, then an attorney at the ruling class law firm Covington and Burlington, was the PR spinner for the government water authority, trying to prevent a giant class action lawsuit by women and children who had been drinking lead for months.

Toledo’s water is now toxic because of algae growth alleged to have been stimulated by run off from fertilizers.  In other words, the lakes and other public properties mismanaged by the government have become a receptacle and vector for pollution, like state managed property everywhere (now actually EPA managed property, since the federal government claims it owns all waterways).  Streets and sidewalks and schools and other “public property” have long been the vectors and breeding grounds for litter, rats, pests, vermin, muggers, rapists, vandals, pickpockets, etc.  If public properties were privately owned, you could sue people for trespass when they pollute your property.