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Before Obama Wagged the Dog Today: Whistleblower James Bamford on the History of the NSA

17 Jan
President Obama just finished a long, long disquisition on the NSA, which most critics viewed as an attempt to distract from this week’s revelations about his Benghazi cover up, the continued economic crisis, and Obama’s plummet in the polls.

James Bamford, an earlier NSA whisteblower, gave a great talk about the NSA at the National Press Club last night. In questions afterwards he stated that Obama was worse than Bush on civil liberties, we now live in a turnkey totalitarian state where everything is set up to turn on totalitarian control at any time, and that the left is mainly silent because Democrats are elected. It will be on C Span soon.

Local Libertarian Jason Scheurer is writing it up for publication later today maybe at Breitbart.  Here is Jason asking a question.

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