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To whom does the Federal Reserve donate politically?

30 Sep

Donor Lookup: Find Individual and Soft Money Contributors | OpenSecrets

Here is a fun donor search.  Enter “Federal Reserve Bank” for employer and see to whom they gave

The Meaning of Competition

30 Sep

The Meaning of Competition – Friedrich A. Hayek – Mises Daily

NSA Spying Creates a New Data Haven Industry. Government Stimulus at Work!

30 Sep

NSA Spying Creates a New Data Haven Industry. Government Stimulus at Work!

War on Women continues

30 Sep

Investigation of Kentucky House Speaker Greg Stumbo urged in staff member’s transfer

Stumbo and other leaders are targeted

Sep. 26, 2013   | 
Rep. Greg Stumbo

Rep. Greg Stumbo
A Kentucky legislator is calling for an investigation of Speaker Greg Stumbo and other Democratic House leaders after a legislative employee said Stumbo’s office ordered her transfer to another job after she complained that a legislator was sexually harassing interns.
Sen. Kathy Stein, D-Lexington, said the investigation is necessary if legislators want to regain the public trust in the wake of two reports where Capitol employees said their complaints of sexual harassment were brushed aside by their bosses and legislative leadership.
“Of course, it needs to be investigated because the whole climate there is just ripe with the smell of bad things,” Stein said in response to a reporter’s question.
Legislative Research Commission employee Nicole Cusic said in a Courier-Journal interview that after she complained to state Rep. Will Coursey about his behavior last year — alleging he tried to date interns and made inappropriate statements about another staff member — LRC officials moved her out of a suite of offices where Coursey worked.
Coursey, D-Symsonia, has vehemently denied any inappropriate activity.
Cusic’s lawyer, Thomas Clay, sent a letter to LRC general counsel Laura Hendrix on Wednesday saying he planned to file suit against the LRC, former Director Bobby Sherman and Coursey over the incident and its handling.
Stumbo declined to be interviewed Thursday, but spokesman Brian Wilkerson issued a statement saying, “Personnel actions are handled by LRC. Our goal is to maintain a safe and welcoming work environment for all employees. Given the pending litigation, we are unable to comment further at this time.”
Sherman did not return a call seeking comment.
Mark Edwards, Coursey’s lawyer, refused to say Thursday if Coursey asked the LRC to reassign Cusic, but he said he didn’t know if Coursey had asked Stumbo to intervene.
Edwards said Coursey, 32, is “weighing his options” about whether or not to file suit or make a counterclaim against Cusic.
“Mr. Coursey doesn’t like false accusations against him,” Edwards said.
Reporter Joseph Gerth can be reached at (502) 582-4702. The Associated Press contributed to this report.

We, the Living

29 Sep
Today I am reading Ayn Rand’s “We the Living”. This is the last of her books that I hadn’t read. As always, the writing is hard hitting, original, and stimulating. It’s probably her least well known novel.

Ayn Rand grew up in Russia under communism. She saw the consequences of what happens when people try to use the government to fix problems. It always makes things worse. A limited objective might be achieved but it will always causes more unanticipated problems. There is no such thing as “smarter” or “better” government. Coercive government is the one unadulterated evil. Always wrong. Liberty, the one unadulterated good. Always right.

Ayn Rand came to the US when she was young. The differences were stark. Americans had wealth and prosperity undreamt of in Russia. Americans displayed kindness, optimism, and ease in manner that baffled her hardened Russian sensibilities. It must have been like going to a different planet. Who could have imagined that people could live in such a way! What joy! What thrill to have experienced such a change in surroundings at such a young age! To look at the world with young eyes, from the despair and hopelessness of Russia, to the beauty of the relative freedom of America. What an inspiration it all must have been!

Ayn Rand became frightened by what she saw in her adopted land, and with her adopted people. She loved the Americans in a way that no native born American could. She loved how we acted, how we lived together, and our common decency, but we frightened her. She feared our philosophy. Compared to the material advancement of our people, our philosophy remained barbaric. A twist of fate had made America what it was, this new world, established by pious people pursuing an imperfect, but time tested set of ideals. Our Christian traditions. Now largely gone. Replaced with nothing. God was dead, as Nietzsche explained. America was gliding, out of gas. She saw that.

Ayn Rand realized that a people, like a person, cannot live without a philosophy, a purpose, a motivation that directs their lives. What’s your philosophy? What motivates you? For what excellence in achievement do you strive? And for why?

Ayn Rand’s life was a testament to a life lived pursuing an ideal. Ever wonder why so many people love her? Perhaps you’ve mocked those people. Perhaps you are quite certain you understand their ideas. Perhaps you have a comment in your mind when you see her mentioned. Some throwaway, stock phrase that explains away “that whole phenomenon” and lets you get on with your life, after a chuckle.

An enlightened person, a decent person, is not so quick to dismiss. When someone is screaming, shouting, making noise, repeating the same ideas, refashioned over, and over again, as Ayn Rand did, and those of us who agree with her do, maybe it’s because they’ve discovered something you haven’t! Maybe they are doing so, not because they are petulant, not because they want attention, not because they hate, but because they CARE. If true, if they know something you don’t, and they care enough to act in such a way, maybe there is something to what they are saying. Maybe it is worth your while to try to understand it.

What do you care about? Ayn Rand committed her life to something. Her life was a testament to something. What about your life? What’s the rest of your life going to be about? Scoffing at the work of others is all wonderful and fine, but at some point, you are going to have to place your own bet. You are going to have to come down for or against SOMETHING. What’s it going to be? And why?

You can order it here.

It depends on what the meaning of "If" is…

29 Sep
It depends on what the meaning of “If” is – Bill Clinton today on This Week on Obamacare “when it is implemented and these disastrous predictions don’t come to pass, if they don’t..”

Justin Amash on Congress

28 Sep

Monday is the deadline.

On Monday, the federal government’s fiscal year ends. If President Obama remains unwilling to make a reasonable compromise by Monday, he will force the federal government into a partial shutdown.

I just met with Senator Ted Cruz and Senator Rand Paul to hash out our strategy for this weekend. Our latest offer to President Obama is to allow the government to operate at current spending levels in exchange for a postponement of Obamacare.

You and I know that Obamacare is a disaster for our country’s economy. Even President Obama seems to have recognized this. He delayed a verification system for Obamacare subsidies. And just yesterday, he announced that health care exchanges for small businesses won’t be ready by the deadline.

Monday also is a big deadline for my campaign.

On Monday, we close out the third fundraising quarter. Days later, we must report our fundraising totals to the public.

I have some bad news. At this moment, we remain $12,373 behind our quarterly minimum. And we’ve heard in the last few weeks that the Washington political class is scheming to take me out. If we don’t hit our minimum target, they will be emboldened to run a challenger against me.

The good news is that we have the momentum. I never have been so optimistic about our chances of moving this country in the right direction. We are beginning to win on restoring fiscal sanity to our federal government and reining in out-of-control surveillance and unconstitutional war.

At this critical moment for our country and for our work together, I need your help.

Before Monday, would you send $20, $40, $100, or $250 to my campaign to help us reach our minimum fundraising target?

I pledge to continue being your voice in Washington. I will continue standing strong in the fight for liberty. But I can continue this fight only with your help right now.

In liberty,

Justin Amash

P.S. The third fundraising quarter closes on MondayPlease take a minute to donate to my campaign before then to show any potential opponents that I’ve got thousands of grassroots leaders standing with me.

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Question: Will Dianne Feinstein Investigate Her Own Leak Of Classified Info? Will She Face Espionage Act Charges?

28 Sep

Question: Will Dianne Feinstein Investigate Her Own Leak Of Classified Info? Will She Face Espionage Act Charges?

Hoping for Drones

28 Sep

Is Sarah Silverman racist?

28 Sep