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More Madcow sloppy research

1 Jul
David Koch’s got a dime for you

I worked on David Koch’s campaign as a college intern and I am pretty sure these were minted by independent hard money supporters, not the campaign.

But then, La (?) Madcow once reported that I live in Maine, when I’ve been there once, for a weekend, in my whole life.

I contacted one of the communications staff in the Clark/Koch campaigns’ national head quarters (who I happened to be pre-civilly unioned with at the time) just to check my memory and got this response:
It definitely was not the campaign or David Koch.  Zero chance.

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As usual: facts 2, Rachel 0.
Like when she claimed in a published interview to be the only out gay person in her undegrad years at Stanford in the 80s.   Roflmao.