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Right On Line – Reviewed

8 May

Right On Line is the conference for bloggers and other new and digital media activists and journalists held more or less annually, with varying sponsorships.

I attended the 2011 one in Minneapolis, the last one Andrew Breitbart enlivened, which had been deliberately and provocatively  scheduled to occur in the same city at the same time as NetRoots Nation, the socialist conference for digital media types.  (Breitbart went over to the NetsRoot confab to conversate.) NetRoots was being held in the civic center so its speakers were cast to the surrounding hotels for shelter, and Daily Show creator Liz Winstead ended up in mine, riding the elevator with an unknown ROL spy.

This year’s Right On Line was sponsored by Americans for Prosperity at the new Marriott Marquis hotel across from the Cato Institute, which got mentioned a lot due to its proximity, although only one Cato employee (Kat Murti) was on a panel.  (Coincidentally, this new hotel is next to the D.C. government owned convention center, also new, where AFP held its annual American Dream summit a few years ago, “inciting” Occupy to block traffic outside and then storm the building, in hopes of kidnapping David Koch for ransom.)

I don’t know who used to be in charge — perhaps the Breitbart organization — but the conference used to have a bigger share of borderline hipsters and a smaller share of soccer moms and older people, either way a fascinating social amalgam.  There were a sprinkling of gay celebrities, including Breitbart London editor Milo Yiannopoulous (with his mop and pompadour bleached blond for the visit to the colonies) and newly self-outed Townhall political editor Guy Benson, dressed in as conservative and midwestern a fashion as ever, his good little boy demeanor now potentially taking on a new erotic edge for some (something he may not care for).

Most of the discussion were nuts and bolts about blogging or doing investigative journalism (like Ed Morrissy of above), or surveys of media as an industry and a political force (like Sheryl Atkinson’s keynote address).

Much of the upper level staff and directorate of AFP appeared on stage at some point.  Tim Phillips, the CEO, spoke several times.  If you’ve seen him speak once you’ve pretty much seen him I think, so it was good the others presented.  I was especially curious to see Freyda Levy speak, and she did, on the state of the liberty movement, and it was good.

American Dream Summit

18 Aug
As much as you come to the Defending the American Dream Summit for the speakers and the fun (and this year, the roller coasters), we also know you come to learn about how to make a difference in your community.  We’re all in the fight to stop government overspending, lower taxes,and sound economic policy, which is why this year we are offering more breakout sessions than ever before!
We even have some for you early morning risers! We’ve got sessions for the policy wonks, the new media beginners and even youth classes (for the young or young-at-heart).
Some of the highlights include: a session taught by Greg Gutfeld about how to use humor effectively; a session by Senator Johnson about how to spot government waste and what to do about it; a whole cluster of sessions to teach you about social media, including Facebook, Twitter and blogging; and another about how to be an All-Star activist.
If you haven’t signed up yet, it’s not too late.  Sign up today!
This year we’re also lucky to have the Leadership Institute, which trains conservative activists, students, and leaders, and their well-known, which connects jobseekers and liberty-mindedemployers online.  They will be hosting their Job and Internship Fair at the Defending the American Dream Summit.
Representatives from local employers and conservative groups will be on-site talking about potential opportunities and scouting recruits, so don’t miss your opportunity to meet employers face-to-face!   All you need is a pass to the Defending the American Dream Summit or RightOnline.   
The Career Fair will be held at the Defending the American Dream Summit venue but is open to attendees of the Summit AND RightOnline.
Who:           Attendees of the Defending the American Dream Summit and RightOnline
When:        Friday, August 30 from 12:30PM-2:00PM
Where:       Coral Sea 1&2, Royal Pacific Resort, Defending the American Dream Summit
Hint: be sure to bring copies of your resume for feedback from LI’s experts and to pass out to potential employers!
The Summit is the place to be for free-market loving citizens who want to keep the American Dream alive.  This year you’ll be hearing from the best of best about the need for tax reform, the benefits of school choice, energy abundance and regulation, and many other timely issues.
We can’t wait to see you there!