• When
    • Time
      8:00pm until 9:30pm
  • Where
    George Mason University, Sub II, Ballroom
  • Description
    Please join GMU Objectivists for our second speaking event of the year
    featuring Objectivist author, philosopher, and activist Alex Epstein!

    GMU Objectivists is a student club that and seeks to promote Ayn Rand’s
    philosophy, Objectivism, on campus.

    Lecture synopsis below:

    In the wake of two recessions following two fleeting, largely service-sector
    bubbles—the dot-com bubble and the housing/financial bubble—Americans
    are hungry for a new wave of industrial progress. But few realize that the
    major force holding back America’s industrial progress is the ubiquitous
     “green” movement, whose anti-development political policies have made
     it ruinously difficult to start new industrial projects. In this iconoclastic 
    speech, Alex Epstein, Founder of the Center for Industrial Progress,
     argues that Americans need to re-embrace industrial progress–the
     improvement of our environment through energy and development–
    as our cultural ideal.

    Alex Epstein’s bio here: http://alexepstein.com/about/

    Directions to campus and campus map here: