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DC Smart Meter Choice

8 Apr

A simple solution would be for PEPCO to allow customers to opt-out of having a wireless meter.
If you would like to support this effort please feel free to sign this petition:
The ACLU Chapters of Vermont and Hawaii support the right of customers to opt-out for free.  
If PEPCO and other Electric customers around the country want to keep their analog meter what is wrong with that?

Some other billing concerns related to PEPCO and other electric utilities:

Video:  PALO ALTO, CA (KGO) — The experiment of some doctoral students at Stanford is raising questions about the accuracy of PG&E’s new SmartMeters. People all over the state have been complaining about them.  More on Landis+Gyr Meters.  One of the two “smart” meter brands used by PEPCO.  “An independent consulting firm recently issued a report that confirmed many Smart Meters manufactured by Landis+Gyr are defective and causing improper overbilling for electricity usage.”

Also how much does it cost to run a “smart” meter each month?  Who pays to run them?  The consumer or PEPCO?

Chris Turner, Esq.
DC Smart Meter Choice