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Libertarians call on Delegate Norton to offer Amendment eliminating Harris Amendment

16 Jul
Marijuana becomes decriminalized in DC, somewhat, tonight.

But Maryland Congressman Andy Harris has offered an amendment to the Financial Services Appropriation bill voted on today to overturn that. Harris’s amendment to the Financial Services Appropriation Bill comes to the floor for a vote today.

Delegate Norton should offer an amendment to eliminate his amendment interfering with DC’s autonomy.

If she can’t do that, what good is the DC Democratic Party?

This is why the D.C. Libertarian Party is recruiting and running a full slate of candidates, to offer an alternative the DC’s one party state and protect the autonomy of DC residents.

You can contact Delegate Norton at one of her 3 Congressional offices

Capitol Hill Office

2136 Rayburn HOB
WashingtonDC 20515
phone: (202) 225-8050
fax: 202) 225-3002
hours: M-F 9-5:30pm

Main District Office

90 K Street, NE
Suite 100
WashingtonDC 20001
phone: (202) 408-9041
fax: (202) 408-9048
hours: M-F 9-5:30pm

S.E. District Office

2041 Martin Luther King Jr. Ave., S.E.
Suite 238
WashingtonDC 20020
phone: (202) 678-8900
fax: (202) 678-8844
hours: M-F 9-5:30pm

NSA violates DC residents rights and Eleanor Holmes Norton says nothing!

18 Aug
Yes, the NSA Violated Surveillance Privacy Rules – at Least 2,776 Times

Innocent DC residents spied on by NSA “mistake” about 202 area code; Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton does nothing.
  • Eleanor Holmes Norton defended the GSA during its scandals, since her campaign PAC is funded by government contractors and unions, as well as developers. So don’t expect her to stand up for the DC/202 area code residents “mistakenly” spied on.

Did Eleanor Holmes Norton shoot her whole wad?

18 Jun

Norton’s office: ‘no further information’ on what DC delegate will do with Thompson money

WASHINGTON — Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton still isn’t saying whether she will return campaign contributions from an embattled District of Columbia businessman suspected of pouring illegal funds into the 2010 mayoral campaign.
Norton’s office told WAMU-FM ( that it has “no further information” about what Norton will do with the contributions she received from Jeffrey Thompson.
Last week, a former employee of the accounting firm once owned by Thompson was charged with making a straw campaign contribution. Lee Calhoun is expected to plead guilty. The firm then issued a statement saying that under Thompson’s ownership, “employees and their family members and friends” were asked to make “allegedly illegal contributions.”
Norton, a Democrat who represents the district in Congress, has received thousands of dollars from Thompson and his employees.
Information from: WAMU-FM,

Virgin Islands Delegate Will Return Jeff Thompson-Tied Donations – but NOT DC Delegate Norton!

17 Jun
Virgin Islands Delegate Will Return Jeff Thompson-Tied Donations

But not DC Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton.

Delegate Norton fails again; barely 6,000 gun prohibition goose steppers march to hear her speak

27 Jan
Thousands Attend Gun Control Rally in D.C.

A “national” goose stepping of barely 6,000 (which included dozens of pro 2nd Amendment counter protestors), the day after 400,000 people marched against abortion.  And other media, from the UK Daily Mail to the local NPR affiliate WAMU simply report over a thousand, not 6,000.  I suspect the pathetically small 6,000 figure is an inflated guesstimate from the anti-self-defense/disarmament goose stepper groups. And it was a warmer day and a weekend!

Here’s a hint for the prohibition fascists – if you had just gone the day before and found 15% of the pro-lifers who also supported gun control you could have doubled your numbers!

Local NPR affiliate WAMU interviewed one of the Bill of  Rights supporters:

Thousands of gun control advocates from across the nation rallied on the National Mall Saturday, demanding Congress and President Obama to pass gun legislation while the issue is still in the national spotlight.
Demonstrators came from across the country, including a busload of people from Newtown, Conn. One of the protesters, Eddy Sourby, is a freshman at Newtown High School.
Sourby was at the high school on Dec. 14, when, about a mile away, Adam Lanza shot and killed 20 elementary school students.
“We went into lockdown for like two hours, and everybody was like really confused,” says Sourby. “Then, when it went on for too long, our teacher, he told us there was a shooting.”
Sourby came to protest in D.C. with her mom, and about 80 others from Newtown, who say they were galvanized by the tragedy.
D.C. Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton was among the roster of local and national leaders who fired up the crowd. At one point, she asked all of the Newtown residents at the demonstration to stand up to be recognized.
“Today we join the great majority of Americans who want to move this country off of the outskirts of civilization, into the civilized world of nations who protect their children,” says Norton in a speech to the crowd.
The silent march was interrupted by a handful of counter-protestors (photo) Including Victoria Bingham, of Alexandria.
“I really believe in the second amendment because I know that living in the state of Virginia, there are so many people that do own guns, I am very safe,” says Bingham.

D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray spoke at the rally, saying cities need federal action to stop gun violence.
“This is a city that has worked hard to keep guns out of the hands of people who shouldn’t have them,” says Gray.
The District already bans high-capacity ammunition magazines, but the city’s handgun ban was struck down in 2008.
The gun control debate will be front and center on Capitol Hill next week: on Wednesday, the Senate Judiciary Committee has scheduled a hearing called “What Should America Do About Gun Violence?”


I helped organize a small group of Bill of Rights supporters to educate these anti-self defense goose steppers.  They report far fewer than the measly 6,000 claimed by New York magazine:

bruce – i think bridget already made a correction on this – there weren’t thousands of anti gun protesters… there was maybe 500 at most…. and half of them were grandmothers and children whose parents dragged them with to hold signs…. it was rather sad to tell the truth   – can you update your blog?”

Beating that old head against the wall

27 Jan

Norton introduces these bills every session and they are ignored, so where is there any news here? The news would seem to be that Congressmen Issa might consider one.  The stories journalists never cover include:
1) Norton used to also introduce a bill giving DC parity with Puerto Rico, that is, saying we should be exempt from all federal taxation until or unless we have the vote. She dropped this after a few terms in her 12 term sinecure. What tax and spend Power That Be twisted her arm?
2) Eleanor raises $400,000 every election to run opposed. It comes mainly from real estate developers, construction unions, and PACs. How does it correlate with her committee votes to decide who gets federal leases, contracts and pieces of desirable property along the SW waterfront?
3) Norton buys virtually no advertising, signs, buttons etc with the $400,000. Instead she uses it to buy influence by donating it to other politicians and spends a lot of it on two or three people who are accountants, lawyers and webmasters in Prince George’s county. Why would one pay an accountant over a thousand dollars every few days to essentially do little more than deposit PAC checks and then pay himself? Is this person a cousin? Who are these people being paid to not run a campaign since she really doesn’t ever run one?

Norton Introduces Bill That Would Grant D.C. Representation in Congress


Photo by Tim Gibbon

D.C. Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton today introduced two bills that would grant D.C. varying degrees of representation in Congress.
One bill would give D.C. the full panoply of congressional representation: two senators and one voting member of the House. The other bill would be more limited, offering D.C. only a voting member of the House. Last week Norton introduced a bill that would make D.C. the union’s 51st state.
The bills represent yet another push on Capitol Hill to change the city’s longstanding second-class status. Still, they face tough odds. The House recently voted to again deny Norton voting privileges in the Committee of the Whole, and many Republicans remain wary of any measure that would grant D.C. statehood or any of the benefits of statehood—namely, full representation in Congress. Additionally, the proposal to only give D.C. a single voting seat in the House reached its nadir before the 2010 Census, when it was connected to an additional House seat for Utah.
Yesterday Norton also re-introduced a measure that may have legs, though: a bill granting D.C. enhanced budget autonomy. Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) has said that he’s in favor of allowing city officials to use their own money with fewer restrictions, though a bill he introduced in late 2011 would have codified the prohibition of the use of local funds for abortions. City officials and Norton rejected that option, and have since been fighting for a clean budget autonomy bill.
Whether or not the budget autonomy bill goes anywhere might end up being irrelevant, though: D.C. residents will vote on a budget autonomy referendum on April 23.


Eleanor Holmes Norton and constituent services

26 Jan
When I was running for Delegate to Congress last fall and summer, I kept running into people as I went about town hanging street signs who did not know DC had a delegate, or did not know who Eleanor Norton was, or did not know she was the delegate.  These were registered DC voters interested in politics.

I also ran into DC residents who told me they appealed to Delegate Norton for help with something, in one case a foreclosure on a single mom’s home.  They started calling me since I was running for her position, thinking I could help – because her office never responded.

(Amusingly and bizarrely, when I was running against her, before I had even filed petitions and got myself on the ballot, I subscribed my email address to Norton’s official Congressional website.  Twice.  I am a DC resident and get a calendar from her every year, probably paid for with my taxes to help her campaign for herself.  But my attempt to subscribe to her website were nixed.  I never got anything.  Then I subscribed one of my volunteers to her website and they got email instantly.)

Today I found the following in my Huffington Post mailbox:

3 months agoBruce H Majors

Since 2006, Eleanor Holmes Norton has raked in over $50,000 in donations from Jeffrey E. Thompson, the shady DC government contractor who made MILLIONS from D.C. taxpayers.

Yes! THAT Jeffrey E. Thompson, the focus of a federal corruption investigation. 

THAT Jeffrey E. Thompson, implicated as the mastermind behind Vince Gray’s “shadow campaign.” The “shadow campaign” that flouted D.C. campaign finance law. The “shadow campaign” key to swinging the election, booting Mayor Fenty from office.

Three months after these donations came to light, Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton STILL REFUSES to give back a single penny of Thompson’s dirty dollars.

Congresswoman Norton seems to think she’s above it all. She REFUSES to join President Obama, Gov. O’Malley and Tim Kaine, who all returned Thompson’s dirty dollars.

(Visit for links to background news sources.)

That’s why BRUCE MAJORS, Libertarian for Congress, has issued this challenge: 


Give back it back to D.C.! Redeem yourself and those dirty dollars and give them to District-based organizations that assist our fellow District citizens in need.

Del. Norton is sitting on a HUGE WAR CHEST. She faces only underfunded challengers.

$50,000 of ill-gotten campaign funds could go a long way to help D.C. citizens in need instead of lining the pockets of Maryland-based campaign consultants.

Join BRUCE MAJORS and send a message to Del. Norton: 

VOTE BRUCE MAJORS, Libertarian for Congress.

3 months agoNorcal2

I voted for you. 

I moved here three years ago from San Francisco and reached out to the offices of Pelosi (my old rep) and Holmes (new) over an issue dealing with gay rights.

My old rep. Pelosi, sent me an email a couple of days later addressing my concern. I never heard back from Holmes’ office.

I guess being a shadow senator is more demanding than being the Speaker of the House (at the time).

DC can do better than this.