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Saturday World News Roundup (updated remainder of day)

7 Mar

Up to one million Libyans expected to migrate to Europe this year ANSA

Gay threeways become legal encumbrances, no longer just for Saturday nights UK Mail

Hillary not ready, hides from media reason

Clark Kent could never be identified because of them.  Now these new glasses, reverse engineered from Area 51 technology, defend against facial recognition technology Gizmodo

Trey Gowdy uncovers hidden Hillary emails that may include pay-for-play with foreign donors and Benghazi cover up National Review

Menendez investigation timed to shut him up on criticism of Obama foreign policy The Hill

Michelle not Sasha’s and Malia’s biological mom AmericanNews

Superman on the Surveillance State

14 Jun

Is Edward Snowden Superman? Toward the end of the new movie, even after he has saved the planet, Superman crashes a multi million dollar spy satellite US military intelligence is using to track him, so they can find out his secret identity. “I grew up in Kansas, I’m as American as you can get.”