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Stearns for Senate Special "Firehouse" Election

2 May

One of our own, former Ron Paul 2012 VA State Director Christopher Stearns is now running for State Senate in VA-14. 
Chris is currently chairman of the 3rd District Republican Committee and served on the platform committee at the 2012 GOP Convention in Richmond where he pushed liberty issues like Audit the Fed. 
Senator Rand Paul endorsed Christopher Stearns for State Senate in VA-14 and said he is exactly the type of liberty-minded activist we need in state legislatures across the country. 
If you are anywhere near the DC/Northern Virginia area there is a bus headed down to knock on doors for Chris Stearns, sign up here: 

Hotel, food and transportation are all covered.
Christopher Stearns has stepped up to the plate to run for liberty. As most of you know, Stearns has been a champion for liberty in the Commonwealth.
The election will be a firehouse primary (we are in sprint mode) on May 9.
The bus will leave at 6:30pm on Friday, May 3 from the Ballston Metro, and pick up some our liberty comrades along the way down to Chesapeake! Food and lodging will be provided.
We’ll do some good GOTV on Saturday during the day and then we will head out to enjoy the town that evening! We will leave Sunday morning at 8am to head back north.