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Patriot Act Protest Planned for October

27 Aug
We started a conversation a week or two ago about a possible StopWatching.Us event or set of events in DC in October. A smaller group of us — Free Press, EFF, ACLU, Fight for the Future, Access, Demand Progress, BORDC, Restore the Fourth, Public Knowledge, Media Alliance — have put together a draft plan for them.

The centerpiece of that weekend will be a rally on Saturday, Oct 26.
The still very rough outline is here  There’s a lot in it. We’ll be spending the next week cleaning it up and incorporating people’s comments.
Here’s where we left things on a call yesterday: 
DatesOct. 26 is anniversary of the PATRIOT Act, so we’ve decided to host the events during that weekend.
Right now, that means:
Oct. 25th: Lobbying training day Oct. 26h: Rally in front of the FISA court Oct. 27th: Speakers training and learning day Oct. 28th: Activist lobby day    
We also want to have a party the night of Oct. 26th. 
Branding We’re talking about this being a StopWatching.Us-branded event, with other involved orgs listed as supporters. 
Buckets There’s a lot of work to do to make this happen. We’ve split up the work into 5 buckets. Each bucket is listed below, along with the orgs who are working on them. Let me know if you’d like to get involved in any of the work mentioned below. 

Program — EFF, Free Press, Demand Progress, ACLU, Ben/Rt4, Access Logistics — Demand Progress, Ben/Rt4 Communication/press/branding — Access, EFF, ACLU, Free Press, Demand Progress Fundraising — Everyone Outreach/turnout/recruitment/coalition — Everyone    
Each group is coming up with a one-page actual plan by COB Tuesday.
Again, the full draft plan is here