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New and Updated! The Top 29 Hottest Libertarian Men – Summer 2014 edition

7 Jul
Earlier this summer a website published a list of the hottest libertarian men, and the hottest libertarian women.  Both lists contained no people of color and no people from outside the United States.  The women’s list had no one over 35.  Additionally, both lists, especially the men’s list, had nice people, smart people, cute people…but were a little low on HOT people.

Austin Petersen was the publisher.  I am older than he is.  I’ve actually dated both genders, which he probably hasn’t.  As Reagan said of Carter, I will forgive him his youth and inexperience.

Here is our correction.  In no particular order.  My apologies to everyone offended because they were included or they weren’t.  Maybe I will buy you a beer and you can cry on my shoulder.  Topic too much fun to refrain. And sorry, if you were on Austin’s list you are ineligible to be on both.

I’m expanding the number to 29, for two reasons.  One is a bow to libertarian nerditude – 29 is a prime number.  Another is that as a prime number, 29 represents integrity, wholeness, and individualism — these people can’t be reduced to a sum of their parts or demographics.  It’s my own libertarian cultural appropriation of Kabbalah numerology or Pythogorean metaphysics.

Since there are obviously so many, manymany hot libertarians, we are planning to do lists of hot couples, hot gays and lesbians, etc. etc., and new Winter 2014 hot men’s and women’s lists around December 15 – the Birthday of the Bill of Rights.

I am resisting coining the new acronym, LILF, because I am sure it will get me in trouble.

#1 Clint Eastwood

As long as there is this digitally archived photo of Clint, Joe Mangeniello can only be number 2.

Eastwood’s publicist had once asked the Libertarian Party not to identify him as a capital L Libertarian, but here on Ellen he calls himself a small l libertarian.

#2 John Stossel

Personally I find Stossel attractive, but not so much hot (he’s probably relieved!). So I think only age discrimination kept him off Austin’s list.

But he got Kennedy back into TV and helped midwife The Independents, so he makes the list.

(See how that water is boiling?)

#3 Robby Soave

reason writer and former Daily Caller scribe Robby Soave.  Look at that punim; no argument needed!  [NB:  Mr. Soave WAS over 18 at the date this photograph was taken.]

#4 Zenon Evans

Not a Marvel comics villain, Zenon is a reason magazine writer.  Presumably Zenon and Robby don’t actually argue at work about who is prettier.

There are also no confirmations of reports that Bryan Singer has been trying to cast reason staff in the upcoming X-Men: Libertopia.

#5 Congressman Justin Amash

Ah.  The hunky nerd, one of my favorite types, even when married with children.  (When he orates on the NSA I have to remember that that acronym means different things in different contexts.)  He is, simply, a hero.  It’s a sin for me even to make comedy with his image.  I’ll repent later.  What fun it would be to work in his office – (seriously –  because of his issues, not because he’s easy on the eye).

He’s actually gained a little weight I think since being elected.  But look at how well that shirt fits and at that nice bicep.

Why can’t all elected officials look like that?

Do I really need to be forced to look at Reid, Schumer, Mikulski, Grayson and the rest of the parade of horrors whenever I turn on the news?


# 6 Terri Lovelace

Lobbyist TL Lovelace has way cooler friends than many libertarians.  Or at least he met actress Gabrielle Union.

He’s even cuter in his trademark purple chashmere sweater when not standing beside a goddess.  He’s also really nice in person.  I think he has a new venture and is looking to hire people who want to work in politics on decrim issues.

#7 Remy

Intergalactic web sensation Remy Munasifi grew up in McLean, Virginia. His videos have been watched by millions and his The Falafel Album is available from Comedy Central. For details and more info on the man, the myth, and the music, go to his official website,

On his videos he appears to be around 5’6 or 5’7.  In real life he’s more life 5’9 or 5’10 and better looking than his comic characters in his videos.  He also fits his clothes nicely.

#8 Arvin Vohra

Arvin Vohra was just elected Vice Chair of the Libertarian National Committee this June.  A Congressional candidate in Maryland (he lives in Bethesda), for years when he did volunteer work at the libertarian booth at DC’s gay pride all the straight and bi gals would line up to have him administer the World’s Smallest Political Quiz.

#9 William Dean

So while libertarians follow the leftovers in focusing on the evil KochBros, or perhaps some gay libertarians (who, me?) get creepertarian on the lovely and talented Peter Thiel, a local DC/Nova multimillionaire Bill Dean is telling The Washingtonian that he is a Libertarian, while throwing fabulous July 4th  parties and sponsoring local charities.

Who knew Francisco D’Anconia was blond?

From The Washingtonian:

Dean, who calls himself more of a Libertarian than a Republican, now says he’ll limit his political giving, especially at the local level. “When you’re a person, when you’re not Verizon or Pepco, when your name is on the company, everyone can say, ‘Bill Dean gave money to this politician, and therefore he wanted a deal,’ ”Dean says. “I know everyone thinks that’s how it works. But it doesn’t. And it’s almost becoming not worth the perception.”

#10 Johan Norberg

Swedish author and historian, Norberg started as a left-anarchist before becoming a classical liberal.

#11 Tim Moen

Canadian Libertarian Parlimentary candidate Tim Moen.  From his website:  “My name is Tim Moen and I have served my community as a firefighter, paramedic, business owner, filmmaker, volunteer as well as a father and husband. I have been living in Fort McMurray for over 13 years and I have lived in the town of Athabasca in the 90’s. Whether I was working as a medic in Athabasca or as a firefighter in Fort McMurray, my primary focus has been on serving and protecting life and property.” 

(I am committing arson now!)

#12 Marian Tupy

Czech born, South African raised, and Scottish educated, CATO economist Marian Tupy might make many people want to go around the world.  And yet (gentlemen this time) he remains single.  Someone invite him out for a drink!

                                                           Alexander Skarsgård, no?

#13 Bjorn Lomborg

Environmental skeptic and author Bjorn Lomborg may be more of a libertarian fellow traveler.  But he’s tall, cute, blond and gay, so I’m putting my thumb on his…scale.

#14 Peter Neiger

Formerly a Students for Liberty organizer, now a free range libertarian.

Mr. Neiger has been known to run in nudist marathons in his skivvies to raise money for charity.  Sadly we have no video available.

#15 Matt McKibbin

Arlington Bitcoin promoter Matt McKibbin.  He’s also a physicist.

You can’t tell it from this photo, but he fills out his polo shirts very nicely.

#16 John Maniscalco

John Maniscalco, new Cato staffer and Queen super-fan.  According to the evidence in his internet footprint, he likes to dance.

Kind of Matt Lauer-y.  Before Matt got old.

This is kind of a dorky photo of John, but in real life he looks better than all of his photos, so I gave up.

He might be #1 in best male eyelashes.

#17 Joe Manganiello

Actor Joe Manganiello, who plays a werewolf on TrueBlood and a stripper in Magic Mike, obviously has an unfair advantage – stylists, hair and makeup people, professional lighting.   

The leftover blogosphere, especially the gay leftover blogosphere (he’s not gay but for some inexplicable reason they were obsessed with him), howled, more like a chihuahua than a werewolf, when he said Ayn Rand’s The Fountainhead was his fave book.

Yes, it’s all just a trick of the light.  No one really looks like that.

If it helps you any, Joe has a new work out book, Evolution, and he allegedly once looked like this:

So apparently we could take all the nerds at libertarian happy hours job hunting and networking and turn them into hotties!

Ladies (and gents) I would suggest you buy this book for your husbands and boyfriends!

#18 Chad Thevenot

Institute for Humane Studies director Chad Thevenot takes a good photo.

#19 Jasmin Guenette

Disturbingly good looking French Canadian anarchocapitalist Jasmin Guenette,  served as a part-time coordinator with Liberty Fund and as a program coordinator at the Montreal Economic Institute early on in his career. He later became the Director of Public Affairs at the Montreal Economic Institute. He has also served as Director of Academic Programs at the Institute for Humane Studies at George Mason University. He is currently Vice President of the Montreal Economic Institute.

#20 Ben Swann

Journalist Ben Swann is becoming a staple of liberty movement events.

#21 Matthew Burrow

#22 Luis Rosales

Luis Rosales lobbied (and he was not alone!) to be on MY list.  And who can say he doesn’t deserve it.  Also I had no Latinos.  Though I don’t think affirmative action was needed in his case.

Not a Beltway cosmotarian, Mr. Rosales owns his own flooring company in Florida.

Lucky dog!

#23 Antwon Patton/Big Boi

Rapper Big Boi, a Libertarian voter, recounts how well wishers assumed that he voted for another candidate.


#24 Pranav Badhwar

Pranav Badhwar was a 2012 DC Ron Paul delegate to Tampa and is now the Libertarian Party candidate for Ward 6 (Capitol Hill) city council.  He lives on the Hill with his wife and two children.

#25 Michael Moynihan

Former reason editor now at The Daily Beast Michael Moynihan.  Hyperactive, almost nebbishy, maybe slightly an acquired taste.

#26 Jeffrey Howard Pierce

I don’t think I’ve met Mr. Pierce, but his friends lobbied for him successfully with this male model glamour shot.  He works at the Institute for Human Studies, which seems to be well sprinkled with male pulchritude.

What would Baldy Harper say!

#27 Kmele Foster

Entrepreneur, lecture circuit speaker, and The Independent‘s host Kmele Foster.  He’s always very pleasant in person, it seems.

#28 Eric O’Keefe

A former exeuctive director of the Libertarian Party in the 80s, Mr. O’Keefe moved to the midwest to raise a family and start a number of term limit and tax limit groups.  We really need to find a photo of him from say 1983.

#29 Gary Oldman

He’s played all the bad boys from Dracula on down.  He was pretty hot as Sirius Black.

Runners Up

To be crowned if any of the top 29 lose their crowns due to scandal.  Also check back later for lists of hottest libertarian women, hottest libertarian couples, and hottest libertarian gays and lesbians.  Or perhaps they will be in the Winter 2014 Hottest Libertarian Men.

Rob Lowe

He’s only making libertarian noises, and not using the word, so he only gets to the runner ups.  Also he seems more pretty than hot — though in this photo maybe he’s kind of hot.

Maybe this will make the other runner ups feel better about themselves.

Todd Wynn

Virginia libertarian Todd Wynn complained that he was not in the Austin Petersen list.  The squeeky wheel gets the grease.  Or perhaps the sunscreen.

Martin Moulton

Mr. Moulton is the Libertarian candidate for Shadow Representative in Washington, D.C.  He was a 2012 Ron Paul alternate delegate.

Odell Huff

Mr. Huff, a fundraiser, can often be seen shirtless in DC.

Tom G. Palmer

Due to his on again off again long term friendship with one of our judges, libertarian 007 Mr. Palmer was only eligible to be a runner up.

Brandon de Hoyas

Mr. de Hoyas is a Texas Libertarian Party activist.

The Independent’s Kmele Foster on the Prospects for Liberty

1 Jul

He’s a little sexier in real life (than on TV), ladies (and gents) because he’s got a very nice personality and a great smile.  Taken though, I believe!