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Libertarian Party of Northern Virginia elects new officers

18 Nov
At the annual LPNOVA convention held in Herndon, Saturday, November 16, Anthony Tellez was elected chair of the Libertarian Party of Northern Virginia.  Mr. Tellez (far left) was a 2013 state House of Delegates candidate from the Falls Church area.

Other officers elected include, from left to right:  David Valente (Vice-Chair)

Joe Storm (Treasurer)
Ian Luria (Secretary)
Martin Overstrom (At-Large)

Robert Sarvis for Governor

1 Oct
I went to a Virginia Libertarian candidate forum to bring you Robert Sarvis and the other Virginia candidates but…Robert Sarvis wasn’t there!

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(This first video from MSNBC cannot be viewed on an IPad or some other tablet devices, unlike the YouTube’s below.  Sorry.)

Because he is now doing mainstream media almost full time, as he is getting almost 10% of the vote.

He still has virtually no money.  He has great ads on youtube that could be on TV, if you donate here.

State assembly candidates Laura Delhomme (Arlington), Anthony Tellez (Falls Church), and Patrick Hagerty spoke on Obamacare, the drug war, and abolishing the Virginia income tax.

Virginia Libertarian Candidates’ Forum

17 May
Gubernatorial candidate Robert Sarvis, and state delegate candidates Patrick Hagerty (Loudon County), Laura Delhomme (Arlington), and Anthony Tellez (Fairfax) answered questions from a room full of local libertarians.

My take, shared by others, was that it was fantastic that the northern Virginia area in particular had done a great job in recruiting so many candidates (the are around a dozen in the whole state with more declaring), and that these candidates – tax attorneys, economists, IT people, with degrees from Georgetown, Harvard, Cambridge, NYU, George Mason – are great candidates, but that they need to learn more about state law (they are all well informe on federal and national issues) and learn how to answer questions with short punchy answers.  They were here speaking to wonkish libertarian cognoscenti, but I’d like to see them practice answers for the public and 30 second TV and radio spots .