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18 Aug
A GoFundMe for Yazidi and Christian victims of ISIS.

The Kurds and the Libertarian Way

11 Aug
Obama has decided to arm the Kurds, probably one of the few intelligent “interventions” one could do in the region, and one that should have been done, if you were going to do it, over 10 years ago.

The Bush and Obama regimes never did it because it would have offended the central Iraqi government.

And now they compound the stupidity by announcing it ahead of time so ISIS can attack the Kurds — with all the American weapons they have picked up from Iraq (and Libya?) — before the Kurds are armed. (And for libertarians – you know if the DOD did not have a monopoly on weapons someone other than the government might have armed the Kurds by now).

Central planning fails again; nation building just being the name for central planning of a territory where you are not the historical, “indigenous” political class.


Notes on the Turkish Troubles

29 Jun
Notes on the Turkish Troubles by Claire Berlinski – City Journal

A report from a broad.

A highly intelligent one though.