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Does Eric Holder really believe that black lives matter?

20 Aug

As Eric Holder flies his Lear jet to St. Louis. you can read about the last time he helped young black kids being harmed by lead — when he defended the DC government water authority over its cover up, in 2004, when it became public that it was providing high lead level water to DC residents, as well as those of Falls Church, Virginia, and other communities in the Washington metropolitan area.

The municipal water authority threatened to fire its own scientist when she said she was legally and morally obligated to report the high levels to the EPA.

As area residents will remember, DC spent the next several years digging up all streets and replacing water mains with newer, lead free pipes.  If you wanted the pipe from the street to your house replaced they would do that too for a fee.

Immediately after the government cover-up came to light the DC city council voted to supply Britta filters and bottled water to all families with children and pregnant women.

Eric Holder was a corporate attorney at Covington and Burling working to protect DC and its water utility from lawsuits and bad PR.

Julia Roberts and Erin Brockovich didn’t show up.