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Rare Panel on Millennial Voters

30 Jul

Hosted by Rare Politics Editor Jack Hunter, the event took place in front of a live audience with a Q&A session. What millennials have to say about the state of America, race, gay marriage, fear, the future and more. Panelists were: from left to right: Benny Johnson – IJReview.comJulie Borowski – libertarian personality (aka TokenLibertarianGirl), Olivia Nuzzi – The Daily Beast, Orlando Watson – Republican National Committee.  Both Hunter and Watson have worked for Rand Paul.

Jack Hunter: Confessions of a Right-Wing Shock Jock

25 Nov
Writer and ghost writer Jack Hunter, an affable fellow as anyone who has met him can tell you, writes in the latest Politico about his experiences with character assassination:

In July, the neoconservative website Washington Free Beacon published an article with the headline “Rebel Yell: Rand Paul aide has history of neo-Confederate sympathies, inflammatory statements.” The subject was a peculiar one—a staffer for Sen. Paul (R-Ky.) who had worked as a radio shock jock with the nickname “Southern Avenger” while wearing a Confederate-flag wrestling mask.
The Southern Avenger had said some pretty atrocious things. He toasted John Wilkes Booth’s birthday each year and believed that Lincoln “would have had a romantic relationship with Adolf Hitler if the two met.” He worried about “racial double standards for white people” and that “a non-white majority America would simply cease to be America.”
That Rand Paul aide was me. I had written and said all of these things. They no longer reflected my beliefs by the time the Beacon article came out—and hadn’t for a long time. Some I had completely forgotten, like the John Wilkes Booth toast. The reporter had retrieved that one from an old long-defunct website.
“He expressed surprise when read his remarks about race, saying, ‘Hearing you even read that to me, because I just don’t speak like that, sort of bothers me,’” the reporter wrote. “He said his views had changed dramatically.”
They had changed. But it didn’t matter. There was no excuse for my comments. In fact, the Jack Hunter of 2013 would have condemned the Southern Avenger of 2003 for making them.

Two weeks after the story broke, I resigned.

For the previous three years, I had worked for Rand Paul and his father, Rep. Ron Paul of Texas. I had helped Rand Paul write his 2011 book, The Tea Party Goes to Washington, and had worked to spread what I saw as his broadly appealing message of small government and personal freedom.
It was much more than a job.
I had a front-row seat for the war brewing between the Republican Party’s old guard and a new breed of libertarian conservatives who were causing headaches for the establishment. The Free Beacon article led to dozens of subsequent stories calling me a kook, a racist and a white supremacist. Suddenly, Paul couldn’t give an interview without being asked about me. “If I thought he was a white supremacist, he would be fired immediately,” Paul told the Huffington Post. I had become a distraction.
Sen. Paul had known that I used to wear a Confederate wrestling mask as part of an old radio shtick, and I still sometimes used the Southern Avenger moniker—it was my Twitter handle and appeared on my Facebook page. But he hadn’t known about the many stupid and offensive things I’d said. By the time I met him in 2010, I had changed my tone and many of my views.

The Free Beacon would eventually obtain a Southern Avenger CD in which I suggested that someone “whip” director Spike Lee, who had trashed Mel Gibson’s 2000 Revolutionary War film The Patriot as “whitewash.”

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Jack Hunter leaves Rand Paul staff

22 Jul

Reported at The Daily Caller:

Southern Avenger no more: Rand Paul aide Jack Hunter leaves staff, returns to punditry

W. James Antle III

Editor, The Daily Caller News Foundation

The man who for years called himself the “Southern Avenger” says he now seeks to avenge his own honor.
Jack Hunter, the aide to Kentucky Republican Sen. Rand Paul who has been under fire for comments critical of Abraham Lincoln and sympathetic to the Confederacy, has left the senator’s office to resume his career as a political pundit.
Hunter told The Daily Caller News Foundation that he wanted to avoid being a distraction for Paul and to clear his own name, which he argues is now unfairly associated with racism.

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The bitches are out…

11 Jul
Mainly boy bitches no doubt, leftover asexual pimply backed boy bitches in momma’s basement, giving us their very stale thoughts about libertarianism over at The Atlantic.  Give them some love in the reply column:

Rand Paul’s Aide: A Dunce on the Confederacy

The most myopic libertarians and the damage they do to the movement
southern avenger.png

This week, Alana Goodman, a reporter at the Washington Free Beaconbroke a story about Senator Rand Paul’s 39-year-old social-media director, Jack Hunter, who “spent years working as a pro-secessionist radio pundit and neo-Confederate activist” under the name “Southern Avenger.” “He has weighed in on issues such as racial pride and Hispanic immigration, and stated his support for the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln,” Goodman reported. “During public appearances, Hunter often wore a mask on which was printed a Confederate flag.”
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Long knives out for Rand Paul as his profile rises

9 Jul

Long knives out for Rand Paul. Opposition research looking into anything anyone who works for him ever said in junior high. I’ve had drinks with Jack Hunter (and he knows i am gay) and talked to one of his old girlfriends and never heard of him being bigoted. I suspect most reporters cannot distinguish between supporting the 10th Amendment and bigotry.
Expect escalating attacks from both neoconservatives and leftovers arguing that anyone who does not genuflect before our failed statist civil rights paradigm, which has left so many minorities in bad schools, unemployment, poverty, crime ridden neighborhoods etc., is an uncaring bigot.  Meanwhile they sell poor black kids to educrat cartels to fund their campaigns.