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Edward Snowden – Burn the Heretic!

14 Jun
National Security hawks tell us if we really knew what they know we’d agree with the surveillance state.  I’ve had many a Log Cabin Republican or RINO with some military or other government job tell me this.

Brian Wilson on DC’s conservative WMAL radio just said this morning that when Presidents get their first security briefing they come out with “eyes as big as saucers.” But since the “information” is secret and not peer reiewed, undebated and uncriticized, it’s more like religion than science. They are just priests telling us what God told them in a private.

Edward Snowden in their mystical worldview is a witch or a Protestant and they want to burn him at the stake.  That’s why they’ve spent the week making up lies and smears about him.  By tomorrow he will be said to have had sexual congress with Satan.

Judge Napolitano Kindly Asks His Fans To Stop Sending Angry Emails To Fox News… ‘NOW’

14 Feb


Last night, Freedom Watch, the Fox Business Network show hosted by Judge Andrew Napolitanoprotected its last American civil liberty. And, while FBN decided it was time for the show to go, that doesn’t mean that it didn’t have its fans. It did. And they were devoted. So devoted that Napolitano was forced to take to his Facebook wall to request that they stop sending angry emails to his colleagues at Fox.
Here’s the note that Napolitano posted on his profile yesterday entitled “To my friends”:
“Dear Friends–
Many of you are not happy with the cancellation of FreedomWatch, and you have sent emails to my Fox colleagues expressing that unhappiness. In television, shows are cancelled all the time. Two of my former shows have been cancelled, and after each cancellation, Fox has rewarded me with more and better work. This cancellation–along with others that accompanied it–was the result of a business judgment here, and is completely unrelated to the FreedomWatch message. It would make a world of a difference for all of us, if you would KINDLY STOP SENDING EMAILS TO FOX.
I am well. Your values are strong. I will continue to articulate those values here at Fox. But the emails many of you are sending are unfairly interfering with my work and that of my colleagues here. The emails even violate our values because they interfere with the use of private property. I have accepted the cancellation decision with good cheer and a sense of gearing up for the future. You should as well.
As a favor to me, and as I have asked this past weekend, PLEASE STOP SENDING EMAILS TO MY COLLEAGUES AT FOX ABOUT THE CANCELLATION OF FreedomWatch; and please stop NOW.
All the best, apn.”
Man, I am genuinely curious what these emails are now. I mean, not enough that I want to receive them myself (Seriously, I have no power to get Freedom Watch back on the air!), but I’d love to know how his fans are “interfering with [Fox’s] private property.”
Anyway, even if Napolitano’s fans are really pissing off his colleagues and making his and their job harder, I’m sure he’s happy to know they care. Maybe they can do it in a more productive fashion. How about, instead of sending angry emails, they can send the Judge a nice Valentine’s Day card.
Here, I made one to use: