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World’s Gayest Political Quiz makes American debut

22 Jul

The new quiz appeared at Toronto Pride earlier this year.

Independent Political Report reports, independently, on its American debut in Manhattan at NYC Pride.

From Outright Libertarians:

You may be familiar with the traditional libertarian outreach tool, the World’s Smallest Political Quiz. Well we’ve got something even more fabulous!! Introducing the World’s GAYEST Political Quiz – coming soon to a Pride near you!!
Answer: Agree / Maybe / Disagree
Personal Issues
– LGBT migrants from countries where they are persecuted should be given asylum in America.
– Intersex infants should be allowed to assign their own gender when they’re older.
– Binary gender tracking by legal enforcement should be abolished.
– Responsible adults, regardless of family structure, should be able to adopt children.
– Targets of hate violence should not be prosecuted for acting in self-defense.

Economic Issues

– HIV patients should be free to purchase any treatment they choose, including marijuana or experimental treatments.
– Gay men should be allowed to donate blood.
– LGBT businesses should not face zoning laws that prevent them from operating.
– Sex worker transactions between consenting adults should be legalized.
– Marriage contracts between any consenting adults should be legally recognized and enforced.

Score: Agree = 100 / Maybe = 50 / Disagree = 0
Average for each axis and see accompanying chart.

SURPRISE!! You’re a Libertarian!!

We are currently raising funds to get some of these WGPQ kits made for Pride season to be utilized as outreach at booths. They are going to cost $50 to $100 each to create a quality display including the full-size quiz, stickers and explanatory printed materials – we would like to place at least one in each of our most active states. Please consider a one-time donation at