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Is Edward Snowden Captain America? (Spoiler Alert)

7 Apr
Robert Redford plays his first super-villain, a neo-nazi conspirator in a world where drones, the NSA, and your Obamacare and IRS records are used to predetermine if you are a traitor to the regime who should be taken out, Minority Report style.

National Review didn’t particularly like it, but they didn’t like Ayn Rand or Edward Snowden either.  reason magazine (Kurt Loder)  liked it better. I give it a solid B as a movie; I’d give its politics at least an A-.  Kevin McCarthy said on Fox and Friends Sunday that it was one of the three best movies of the year so far, and urged movie-goers to skip the IMAX or 3D versions (I’d agree, though I did do 3D), and pointed out that the 8 films in the “Avengers” series based on Marvel comix (Thor etc.) have collectively earned $5 billion to date.   Tonight the first Captain America movie airs on FX at 5:30 pm eastern (I never saw it so I can’t comment.)  I am tempted to offer that if any DC libertarians want to go see it I’d go with them, but it isn’t really good enough for that; though it was good enough that I will now try to catch the first one on cable, at least while I am puttering around the house.

Revenge star Emily VanCamp has a medium size role as the main eye candy after Chris Evans, though Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow remains sexy.  Below Sebastian Stan (also cute enough but mainly appears in the film as a killer cyborg), who plays the titular “winter soldier,” waxes philosophical and actually mentions Kurzweil and the singularity – smell him!  And discusses Johansson’s other AI type move Her.

Sebastian Stan,The Winter Soldier,Talks “Captain America” with CBR TV from imtk on Vimeo.