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Butter-Knife-Wielding Girl Stopped by School Officials; Pears Shaken but Unharmed

31 Mar

Butter-Knife-Wielding Girl Stopped by School Officials; Pears Shaken but Unharmed

Don’t Let It Go Unheard-Yaron Brook on Foreign Policy/Israel

31 Mar

Don’t Let It Go Unheard-Yaron Brook on Foreign Policy/Israel 03/31 by Amy Peikoff | Blog Talk Radio

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Weekly live webcast/podcast devoted to discussion of current events and politics from the perspective of Objectivism, the philosophy of Ayn Rand. Hosted by Amy Peikoff.
Today’s show: A discussion with Yaron Brook, President of The Ayn Rand Institute and former first sergeant in Israeli military intelligence, on foreign policy, with an emphasis on the proper policy towards our ally, Israel.

DOMA is Done: Damon Root on a Supreme Win for Gay Rights

31 Mar

DOMA is Done: Damon Root on a Supreme Win for Gay Rights

Egypt Orders Arrest of Satirist

31 Mar

Egypt Orders Arrest of Satirist

DC Libertarian Party fundraiser Saturday

31 Mar

D.C. Libertarian Party kickoff reception

Saturday, April 6, 2013
7:00 PM – 10:00 PM
Rob Kampia’s Purple Mansion
1000 Park Road NW
Washington DC 20010
Will you attend?

Yes Maybe No

  • Rob Kampia’s Purple Mansion, 1000 Park Road NW

  • Thanks to Bruce Majors’s campaign for the U.S. House this past fall, the Libertarian Party is now a major party in D.C. — for the first time ever. (This means adults in D.C. can now register to vote as Libertarians.)

    There are only 19 months left to ensure that the Libertarian Party maintains its major-party status in D.C. (The other three major parties are the Democratic, Republican, and D.C. Statehood Green Parties.)

    Please join us to enjoy libations and help fill the D.C. Libertarian Party’s coffers. The price at the door is $40, with a discount rate of $20 for college students.

    The goal is to continue building the libertarian machine in D.C., for the purpose of (1) injecting libertarian principles into local news coverage, (2) increasing the number of people who register as Libertarian Party voters in D.C., (3) helping a minimum of one Libertarian Party candidate attract at least 7,500 votes in November 2014 in order to maintain major-party status for the local Libertarian Party, and (4) eventually electing a Libertarian Party candidate to the D.C. city council.

    Please help make this happen! Thank you …

    RSVP to

Peter Boettke new book

31 Mar

I am delighted to invite you to attend an upcoming event sponsored by the Future of Freedom Foundation and featuring our Research Fellow Peter J. Boettke. Professor Boettke will be speaking on our widely acclaimed book by him, Living Economics: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow, that won the 2012 Best Book in Austrian Economics from the Foundation for Economic Education.

Living Economics illuminates how economics affects all walks of life, whether in the marketplace, voting booth, church, family, or any human activity. The book’s author Peter Boettke believes that economics is not merely a game to be played by clever professionals, but a discipline that touches on the most pressing practical issues at any historical juncture. The wealth and poverty of nations are at stake; the length and quality of life turns on the economic conditions individuals find themselves living with.

Living Economics is a spirited, passionate, and exciting tour of free-market economics. I enjoyed every page!”
Andrei Shleifer, Professor of Economics, Harvard University

Living Economics is a superb book.”
Bruce Caldwell, Research Professor of Economics and Director, Center for the History of Political Economy, Duke University

“Economics as it should be, Living Economics is a solid book.”
James M. Buchanan, Nobel Laureate in Economic Sciences



Peter J. Boettke, University Professor of Economics and Philosophy and Director of the F.A. Hayek Program for Advanced Study in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics, George Mason University; Research Fellow at the Independent Institute and author of Living Economics: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow


Christopher J. Coyne, Professor of Economics, George Mason University; Co-Editor, The Independent Review
Sheldon L. Richman, Vice President, Future of Freedom Foundatin


Wednesday, March 27, 2013
6:00 p.m.: Reception with hors d’ouevres and cash bar
6:30 p.m.: Book Signing
7:00-9:00 p.m.: Program with Q & A


Founders Hall, Room 125
George Mason University
3351 Fairfax Drive, Arlington, VA 22201
Google Map


Admission is free
Phone: 703-934-6101• Email:
Online registration

We sincerely hope that you will be able to attend!
Best regards,
David J. Theroux
Founder and President
The Independent Institute
(510) 632-1366 Phone
(510) 568-6040 Fax

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Sex in the Arab World: Shereen El Feki Talks with Tracy Quan

31 Mar

Sex in the Arab World: Shereen El Feki Talks with Tracy Quan