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Students for Liberty projects seek support

29 Feb
Local projects run by chapters of Students for Liberty from around the globe are nominated for awards at the international Students for Liberty conference.

Most of the nominees attend the conference held in Washington, D.C., and some stay in the U.S. As tourists for a week or two after.

One SFL student, the Ukraine’s Oleg Sirenko, is traveling through the mid-Atlantic and northeast for 10 days, in Washington, D.C., Monday, February 29 and Boston and New York in March.  If you’d like to meet him and hear about the Liberty Classes project in the Ukraine, which the organizers seek to expand into Russia and Bylorussia contact him: .


2016 Students for Liberty project nominees

Student of the Year
  • Anna Shnaidman — Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Israel)
  • Cory Massimino — Seminole State College (USA)
  • Fernando Moreno — Universidad Santa María (Ecuador)
  • Julio Lins – Universidade do Estado do Amazonas (Brazil)
  • Louis Lo – University of Hong Kong (Hong Kong)
  • Yeonmi Park – Columbia University (USA/North Korea)
Event of the Year
  • El Toborochi y la Libertad — Universidad Santa Cruz (Bolivia)
  • Debate to Decriminalize Prostitution — Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Israel)
  • Gustavo Franco lecture — DCE Ibmec (Brazil)
  • Liberal Youth Seminar (Hong Kong)
  • Liberty Classes — Kyiv National Economic University (Ukraine)
Student Group of the Year
  • Ajuricaba – Manaus, Amazon (Brazil)
  • Eagles for Liberty — Florida Gulf Coast University (USA)
  • EsLibertad Venezuela — Universidad Central de Venezuela (Venezuela)
  • Maastricht Students For Liberty — Maastricht University (Netherlands)
  • Students for Individual Liberty — University of Virginia (USA) 

Libertarians on the crime in Crimea

25 Mar
A sprinkling of interesting and diverse libertarian opinion, updated sporadically…

  • Becky Chandler It is indeed unfortunate , but what is much more unfortunate is the quiet amongst the media, and this group of “libertarians” who are silently (or vigorously denying) the ongoing successful interventionist and corporatist efforts to bring Ukraine into the EU Welfare Gulag, so that among other indignities they can eventually be sold billions of dollars of weaponry (to qualify for NATO admission) by US and EU crony capitalist arms manufactures (funded with IMF austerity loans). The US and EU effectively assisted in the overthrow of an elected government –we’ve been there before many times. This is the real crime. The intervention is what set off Putin, who I am not going to excuse, but it was a foreseeable response to EU/US intervention — even though Russia does not have a Monroe Doctrine and Putin’s predecessor was foolish enough to take the word of George Bush the elder. This is an ongoing problem globally and the real story.. Libertarians who are ignoring that and blowing a gasket over a distraction — Putin and Ron Paul, are the same libertarians who enthusiastically supported the Iraq War in the beginning.

What is the best response from other countries to the Kremlin’s actions in Ukraine? Visa sanctions on various ringleaders have been announced. I doubt they will have much impact. Here’s another idea: As I suggested at the end of my talk on peace in Berlin, how about visa-free travel to Europe and the US for normal Russian (and Ukrainian) citizens? Why not open the door to the victims of a vicious policy, rather than punish people who have, in any case, very limited input into the decisions in the Kremlin, which are made by one man?